Re: [sqlite] Building SQLite ... configure/make deprecated?

2009-05-04 Thread Eugene Wee
6.13.tar.gz, from Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] How do you guys use sqlite from C++?

2009-04-27 Thread Eugene Wee
t would be more like copying Boost.Format.) Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] the speed of embedded database engines, sqlite3 vs berkeley db, I'm confused

2009-04-23 Thread Eugene Wee
. > I may be using sqlite3 in wrong way? Instead of using sqlite3_mprintf() and sqlite3_exec() for your insert statements, try using prepared statements. Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] insert into multiple table

2009-04-22 Thread Eugene Wee
o incremented ,0); > > 2-take the phone id value in integer variable > integer phoneid=value; > > 3-pass this value in to address table > insert into address(phoneid)values(phoneid); You are probably looking to use sqlite3

Re: [sqlite] How to secure standalone SQLite db (Ken)

2009-04-20 Thread Eugene Wee
On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Ravi Thapliyal <> wrote: > Thanks Ken for replying, but I will appreciate if you brief me the process > of encryption. Check out the SQLite Encryption Extension Regards

Re: [sqlite] rows limit

2009-04-19 Thread Eugene Wee
t;: It looks like the limit is more on database page size and number of pages in the database file. Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Heuristics of when to vacuum

2009-04-12 Thread Eugene Wee
.6 + 0.336 * 7.5 = 9.5584 This rounds to 9.6, which corresponds to: All tables and indices Fragmentation......... 9.6% Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Adding data with periods

2008-12-15 Thread Eugene Wee
Additionally, double quotes do have a "special meaning" in that they are used to delimit identifiers. Regards, Eugene On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:15 PM, John Stanton wrote: > Single quotes are SQL, as chosen by he designers. It is good practice > to stick to the standard

Re: [sqlite] Listing top 10 companies through COUNT?

2008-11-23 Thread Eugene Wee
article, if it is applicable: Regards, Eugene Wee On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 4:16 PM, Gilles Ganault <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote: > >> Hello >> >>I tried a few things, but I still can't find how to do this: The >>

Re: [sqlite] Listing top 10 companies through COUNT?

2008-11-23 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, It sounds like you want a GROUP BY clause, e.g., SELECT code, COUNT(code) AS code_count FROM companies GROUP BY code ORDER BY code_count DESC; Regards, Eugene Wee On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 4:16 PM, Gilles Ganault <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote: > Hello > >I tried a few thin

[sqlite] Value of sqlite3_bind_text and return type of sqlite3_column_text

2008-11-12 Thread Eugene Wee
the other is the corresponding string output function? Thanks, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Proposed removal of (mis-)feature

2008-08-08 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, palmer ristevski wrote: > He is my vote. > I like the fact that conventions #1 and #2 make things compatible with other > databases. > Does #3, by chance, do the same with another database not mentioned > (eg. Oracle). > > If it does not have any compatibility with any other database, > ONLY

Re: [sqlite] Equivalent of mysql_real_escape_string() ?

2008-05-23 Thread Eugene Wee
ply apply PDO::quote to x, y, z (and the rest) individually. Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] development vs production

2008-05-10 Thread Eugene Wee
base during demos or testing" use on the "Appropriate Uses For SQLite" page: That said, the other uses listed seem to make it clear that SQLite is indeed suitable for production use. Regards, Eugene Wee _

Re: [sqlite] Where To Put SQLite3.exe or SQLite3.dll for Windows Version of PHP?

2008-04-16 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, If you want the command line program for working with SQLite 3 databases, then sqlite3.exe is what you are looking for. Placing it in the system path will do if you want to use it from everywhere. Regards, Eugene Wee On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 20:06 -0400, Robert L Cochran wrote: > Where exac

Re: [sqlite] PHP 4 and SQLite3

2008-03-13 Thread Eugene Wee
12-31. Please consider upgrading to PHP 5.2." Regards, Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: > Hello > I must use SQLite functions of PHP 4, but it seems that these functions > doesn't works with SQLite 3. > > What can I do? > > bes

Re: [sqlite] Beginners bad luck

2008-03-09 Thread Eugene Wee
en/ref.pdo-sqlite.php Regards, Eugene Wee Aharon (Rony) Shapira wrote: > I tried using PDO as follows : > // create a SQLite3 database file with PDO and return a database handle > > try{ > > $dbHandle = new > PDO('sqlite:'.$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/../pdoTutorial.sqlit

Re: [sqlite] Query to Find number of distinct records

2008-02-27 Thread Eugene Wee
orks fine > > Select count(DISTINCT Name) from TableA -- doesn't work, Any reason? The thing is, it should work. Regards, Eugene Wee ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Query to Find number of distinct records

2008-02-26 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, What is the error? It seems to me that both of these should work: select count(DISTINCT Name) from TableA select count(DISTINCT Name) as nameCount from TableA Regards, Eugene Wee Bharath Booshan L wrote: > Thanks for your quick response, > >> select count(DISTINCT Name) na

Re: [sqlite] insert on windows server 2003 very slow

2008-02-26 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi Angela, Did you wrap the inserts in a transaction? Regards, Eugene Wee Angela Kramer wrote: > Hi, > > I've written a java programm which reads data from a file and inserts > them into a sqlite database. In order to speed up this process I use > PreparedStatement. >

Re: [sqlite] Creating database in RAM

2008-02-21 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi Kirrthana, you can open an in-memory database by using ":memory:" as the filename. Read: Regards, Eugene Wee Kirrthana.M wrote: > Hi all, > > I just want to know wheather it is possible to create Sqlite3 database in >

Re: [sqlite] deleting syntax w/ PHP's PDO

2008-02-16 Thread Eugene Wee
ments and stored procedures". For further reading: Regards, Eugene Wee Sam Carleton wrote: > This might be a really basic question and it might be PHP related, not > SQLit

Re: [sqlite] EXISTS and NULLs

2008-01-02 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, MySQL 5.0.41 and Postgresql 8.2.5 work as you described in their treatment of NULL. There were some minor syntax tweaks for CREATE TABLE and the second SELECT EXISTS, but other than that it was true for the first SELECT EXISTS and false for the second SELECT EXISTS. Regards, Eugene Wee

Re: [sqlite] SQLITE3 Prepare / Step

2007-10-17 Thread Eugene Wee
. If not, how does Sqlite3 knows it has to reissue the query. You would use sqlite3_reset() or its equivalent in your wrapper's API. Regards, Eugene Wee - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] Towards SQLite version 3.5.0

2007-08-28 Thread Eugene Wee
faces", but such an incompatible change to existing interfaces would be best done in such a version number jump if it is ever intended. Regards, Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The transition from 3.4.2 to 3.5.0 will perhaps be the largest single change to SQLite sinc

Re: [sqlite] how to create C functions and refer to them in sql

2007-08-06 Thread Eugene Wee
You are probably looking for sqlite3_create_function: Regards, Eugene Wee Chase wrote: i need a trigger to create and insert a new guid into a table, but apparently there is no built-in function for creating guids in sqlite. i can

Re: [sqlite] a c++ newbie question

2007-08-06 Thread Eugene Wee
ACTION;", 0, 0, 0); Regards, Eugene Wee - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] a c++ newbie question

2007-08-06 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi Stev, Why not just use prepared statements? Regards, Eugene Wee Stephen Sutherland wrote: Hi ; I am trying to treat a string before passing it through my SQL statement into the database. I know that a single apostrophe will break the SQL statement. So I have to replace them

Re: [sqlite] auto_increment and not null

2007-06-28 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi Bruno, Why not declare repres_id as INTEGER PRIMARY KEY? You can refer to the documentation on CREATE TABLE: Regards, Eugene Wee Bruno S. Oliveira wrote: Hi all, I'm having some trouble in inserting data into a table which its primary key

Re: [sqlite] Script Language

2007-03-09 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, Well, another way to stand on the shoulders of giants is to use the work of those giants to build up your own. Regards, Eugene Wee John Stanton wrote: Both Knuth and Wirth use the approach of a language of their own design to teach algorithms (and more). Cesar, like Newton, will see

Re: [sqlite] How do you unsubscribe?

2006-06-01 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi Richard, Send an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Actually, I sent an email to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hopefully it has resulted in an unsubscribe confirmation message sent to you, and replying to that email should unsubscribe you from this list. Regards, Eugene Wee Richard Battagline wrote: How

Re: [sqlite] unsuscribe

2006-05-31 Thread Eugene Wee
] Regards, Eugene Wee John Newby wrote: whats with all these unsubscribe messages, they're beginning to do my head in now!!! On 31/05/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: unsuscribe

Re: [sqlite] Purging the mailing list roles. Was: Please Restore Your Account Access

2006-05-30 Thread Eugene Wee
possible to have a CAPTCHA in an email, but chances are email readers may strike out the image, or even flag the message as suspicious. Regards, Eugene Wee Jay Sprenkle wrote: On list management, how about this: * The mailing list periodically selects out all accounts that have not posted and disa

Re: [sqlite] Purging the mailing list roles. Was: Please Restore Your Account Access

2006-05-29 Thread Eugene Wee
sts that I subscribe to. Regards, Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: dilettantes remain rude.Where we can almost borrow money from our earring.Hugo, the friend of Hugo and earns frequent flier miles with power drill near. In order t

Re: [sqlite] Some advanced questions

2006-05-04 Thread Eugene Wee
te "select a from tab1 where a < 10 order by a" You could take a look at: Basically, it does not validate the syntax, only checks that the SQL statement is complete (i.e. has a terminating semi-colon). Regards, Eugene Wee

Re: [sqlite] access to SQLite with OO

2006-01-30 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, a look through openoffice howto docs reveals: Regards, Eugene Wee Jay Sprenkle wrote: Yes, I saw a driver in the programmers documentation section On 1/28/06, Tomàs Eroles i Forner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Hel

Re: [sqlite] Lib and H files

2005-09-22 Thread Eugene Wee
-VERS--" to #define SQLITE_VERSION "3.2.6" and #define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER --VERSION-NUMBER-- to #define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER 3002006 Regards, Eugene Wee Bradley Small wrote: Thanks for the answers. I will for now assume that I can just take SQLITE.H.IN and rename it to sqli

Re: [sqlite] SQLITE Documentation

2005-09-18 Thread Eugene Wee
: *** No rule to make target `doc'. Stop. How then should I obtain the documentation, aside from that provided online, and by manually sifting through the source? I'm on MS Windows XP, using MinGW + MSYS. make doc was run through MSYS. Thanks, Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Try 'make doc

Re: [sqlite] weird problem with windows 2000 PLEASE HELP!!!

2005-09-17 Thread Eugene Wee
in a transaction, right? > And, why does adding a begin: / end:commit: around the whole loop speed > up the operations so drastically??? You need to read the wiki: Eugene Wee

Re: [sqlite] Unlucky number for the ROUND function

2005-08-30 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, On Windows XP testing for SQLite 3.2.5: :.0 when using the sqlite3 executable downloaded 9.9 when running a program linked to an SQlite3 static library compiled by the MinGW port of GCC 3.4.2 Eugene Wee Edzard Pasma wrote: I found a number where the ROUND () function goes wrong: SQLite

Re: [sqlite] Binding a column name?

2005-07-10 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, Why not construct the SQL statement dynamically in the C/C++ code? That way your statement(s) would have variable column names before compilation. Eugene Wee Brown, Dave wrote: Actually I doubt it can - since without the column name it can't create the prepared statement byte code

[sqlite] Question on sqlite3_transfer_bindings()

2005-06-19 Thread Eugene Wee
urned." Unfortunately, the implementation of the function is rather opaque to me at this point, so I really have no idea how to use it, and would like to find out. Thanks, Eugene Wee

Re: [sqlite] Problem with "installing"

2005-06-08 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, You probably neglected to link to the dll. What compiler are you using? GCC (i.e. g++)? Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'd like to use the SQLite Library now for the first time, for my programs which should run under Linux and Windows. But I've got problems with the lib

Re: [sqlite] client/server

2005-06-07 Thread Eugene Wee
may still be a feasible option. Eugene Wee

Re: [sqlite] Re: philosophy behind public domain?

2005-06-05 Thread Eugene Wee
whether for license nor for warranty aspects. Yeah, there was a discussion on the differences in law in some European countries and the U.S. and similiar systems at the Open Source Initiative license discuss mailing list, but I wasnt paying attention :| Eugene Wee Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer

Re: [sqlite] Re: philosophy behind public domain?

2005-06-04 Thread Eugene Wee
-lawyer) that Larry Rosen's AFL would provide better protection against patent problems - but then whether or not it really would affect GPLed code is debatable, and that's not fun if you're just interested in coding. Eugene Wee Darren Duncan wrote: Considering everything brought forth here, can

Re: [sqlite] Comiling static libraries on Win32

2005-03-27 Thread Eugene Wee
actually used from the source was sqlite3.h I have no idea how standard my method is, though. Eugene Wee Clay Dowling wrote: I highly suspect that I'm being a dolt here, but I'm not seeing the obvious thing. I downloaded the preprocessed Win32 source code in hopes of compiling a static library

[sqlite] Prepared Statement Interface

2005-03-26 Thread Eugene Wee
cpp g++ -o test.exe main.o -lsqlite3 test Hope someone can point out my mistakes, and point me in the right direction. Thanks, Eugene Wee #include #include using std::cout; using std::cerr; using std::endl; int main() { sqlite3* db; if (sqlite3_open("mytest.db&q

Re: [sqlite] Contrib uploads

2005-03-24 Thread Eugene Wee
Hi, have you considered using UPX to reduce the executable filesize? Eugene Wee Cariotoglou Mike wrote: 1.1 mb I used the [EMAIL PROTECTED] devExpress grid, which is great functionality-wise but bloats the Exe. -Original Message- From: D. Richard Hipp [mailto

Re: [sqlite] Single quotes are causing misery

2005-03-17 Thread Eugene Wee
I doubt that's the problem though, since the problem pertains to content inserted, not the identifiers used. My guess is that PHP is being used, and that my earlier suggestion should fix it. Eugene Wee [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Are you using the SQLite .NET provider? Just curious, anyway

Re: [sqlite] Single quotes are causing misery

2005-03-16 Thread Eugene Wee
() returns 1, since you cant change magic_quotes_gpc at runtime. Alternatively, you can alter php.ini, but that's usually not practical. Eugene Wee Peter Jay Salzman wrote: I've nearly completed converting Wheatblog to sqlite. It's been quite a learning experience! I've come across a problem I

Re: [sqlite] [ANN] SQLite Analyzer 3

2005-03-16 Thread Eugene Wee
, and SQLite Analyzer at Thanks, Eugene Wee