Re: [sqlite] benchmarking UTF8 vs UTF16 encoded databases

2007-11-27 Thread Dan
se doesn't match that of the machine it is used on. But not much. Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] Transactional DDL

2007-11-27 Thread Dan
? VACUUM is obviously one of them, are there any other? Some of the pragma statements. Can't think of anything else. Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: AW: [sqlite] Transactional DDL

2007-11-27 Thread Dan
with everything else. Dan. Mike -Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht- Von: Dan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Dienstag, 27. November 2007 15:59 An: Betreff: Re: [sqlite] Transactional DDL On Nov 27, 2007, at 9:47 PM, Igor Sereda wrote: I noticed that CREATE TABLE

Re: [sqlite] How to run SQLite tests

2007-11-28 Thread Dan
to it. Use testfixture to run the script "quick.test" from the test directory (takes from 2-4 minutes). Once that passes, run "all.test" (warning - takes upwards of 30 minutes to run). $ ./testfixture ../sqlite/test/quic

Re: [sqlite] ftruncate() for values greater than file size

2007-11-29 Thread Dan
operation. Not 100% sure, just guessing... Dan. Thanks! Mark -- --- To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL

Re: [sqlite] UNION and ORDER BY errors starting from sqlite 3.4.2

2007-12-04 Thread Dan
.b]; SELECT x1.b, a FROM x1 UNION SELECT a, b FROM x2 ORDER BY 1; Because it is consistent with this kind of statement: SELECT "x1.b" FROM (SELECT x1.b FROM x1); Any opinions? Dan. Cheers. -

Re: [sqlite] Cache resizing problem.

2007-12-04 Thread Dan
it's internal schema until step 6. By the time it is loaded for the first time in step 6 the "student_master" table has already been added. Hence no problem. Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] UNION and ORDER BY errors starting from sqlite 3.4.2

2007-12-04 Thread Dan
On Dec 4, 2007, at 10:35 PM, Joe Wilson wrote: --- Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: i.e., if we have: CREATE TABLE x1(a, b, c); CREATE TABLE x2(a, b, c); then the following pairs of statements are equivalent: ... SELECT x1.b, a FROM x1 UNION SELECT a, b FROM x2 ORDE

Re: [sqlite] Cache resizing problem.

2007-12-04 Thread Dan
On Dec 4, 2007, at 11:47 PM, Dennis Cote wrote: Dan wrote: This is failing because the internal representation of the database schema used by the first connection has not yet been updated to include the changes made in step 4 by the second connection. After the sqlite3_prepare() in step 6

Re: [sqlite] UNION and ORDER BY errors starting from sqlite 3.4.2

2007-12-05 Thread Dan
On Dec 5, 2007, at 1:24 AM, Joe Wilson wrote: --- Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: The "b" in the ORDER BY does not match "x1.b" because it is not a simple identifier (according to matchOrderbyToColumn()). It does not match either "" or " as

Re: [sqlite] unable to open a temporary database file for storing temporary tables

2007-12-06 Thread Dan
When issuing PRAGMAS, do they have to be issued from sqlite executable or can they also be issued via the Tcl API? Pragmas can be executed via the Tcl API, because they are a part of SQLite's SQL dialect. Unlike the 'dot-commands' that are only available in the shell tool. Dan

Re: [sqlite] Querying DATE column with date/time string.

2007-12-06 Thread Dan
English, why does adding the 'time' portion to the between clause not find the record? Because according to the default collation sequence, strcmp(), the string '2008-01-01 00:00:00' is larger than '2008-01-01'. Dan. Thanks for any help or insights... Doug Van Horn -- View this

Re: [sqlite] Simple question about optimization

2007-12-10 Thread Dan
On 10/12/2007, Kees Nuyt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 12:22:53 +0100, Clodo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: In this case: - CREATE TABLE test ( Field01 text PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, Field02 text ); insert into test values ('alpha','beta'); update test

Re: [sqlite] Regarding explicitly managing SQLite Databases....[Resend]

2007-12-10 Thread Dan help any? Dan. (a) Since I am new to SQLite, I would like to hear from the community on how this can be done using what SQLite3 provides. If there are specifics that need to be managed outside the context of SQLite, I am fine with that. However, for doing external ma

Re: [sqlite] Seg fault after calling sqlite3_exec while running under cygwin

2007-12-10 Thread Dan
the following info: Does the sqlite3 shell work when compiled the same way? Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] Regarding explicitly managing SQLite Databases....[Resend]

2007-12-11 Thread Dan
statements are being executed, I would like to - for example - redirect the queries to another data base when 70% of the space is reached. How can I do that? I think you would have to check the size of the file on disk using external (non-SQLite) APIs before each insert. Dan. ~Yuva On Dec

Re: [sqlite] shared cache and 'no such table' issue

2007-12-27 Thread Dan
Should be fixed by: Please post if you find this is not the case (or if you find it is). Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] C API: Manifest type SQLITE_INTEGER: Is it 32- or 64-bit?

2008-01-03 Thread Dan
a value, it is truncated to 32-bits before returning it. So to be safe, you're better off always using sqlite3_column_int64(). Dan. I don't know whether or not I'm just "lucky" that the application which wrote the database uses 64 bit for all of its integers? If so, what if some

[sqlite] configure script for amalgamation

2008-01-09 Thread Dan
try this out post if it fails to install, fails to detect readline, fails to build shared library on your AIX system, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance. Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] How do I add primary key on existing table?

2008-01-20 Thread Dan
BLE to add a constraint or a new column marked as PRIMARY KEY is not supported. You can get pretty much the same effect by doing: CREATE UNIQUE INDEX custsales_i ON custsales(id, type); Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email

Re: [sqlite] Program is crahed on sqlite3_bind_int- Could you please help

2008-01-21 Thread Dan
sqlite3_bind_int. I couldn't figure out what is the problem and how to fit it. It used to work last week. Could you please help. It's likely that the statement handle is invalid or has already been passed to sqlite3_finalize(). Dan

Re: [sqlite] FTS3 Unicode support

2008-01-24 Thread Dan
library for localization. See the same document for details. It is built if the SQLITE_ENABLE_ICU macro is defined when fts3 is compiled. Regards, Dan. - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] -

Re: [sqlite] SQLite Compilation Problems on FreeBSD

2008-01-27 Thread Dan" produced the same errors as sqlite-source-. Hi, Can you try the experimental configure system in this package and let us know if it works: Thanks, Dan. I have compiled, installed, linked, and used it on

Re: [sqlite] Solaris bus error

2008-01-31 Thread Dan
ou can get a stack trace for another thread? Thanks. Dan. Ken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Core/backtrace info: (gdb) core-file core Core was generated by `/home/ixion/LIB/sqlite3test/.libs/ testfixture ../sqliteSrc/sqlite-3.5.5/test/qu'. Program terminated with signal 10, Bus error. Read

Re: [sqlite] SQLite Web Site

2008-02-06 Thread Dan
t to the HTML suggested by the validator. Fair enough I guess, both versions are unambiguous and the suggested version is better. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Why attach databases?

2008-02-07 Thread Dan
an atomic operation (either all the changes will succeed or none of them). You can't do that with two separate database handles. Dan. > I was initially thinking that I could attach every database I had > with the > same schema and execute queries without specifying database names. >

Re: [sqlite] Is this list available in *DIGEST* form??

2008-02-07 Thread Dan
On Feb 8, 2008, at 11:31 AM, Rob Sciuk wrote: > > How do I sign up for the digest rather than the regular feed?? > > > Use the webpage linked above. Dan. ___ sqlite-use

Re: [sqlite] Virtual table xBestIndex and when to free index resource

2008-02-11 Thread Dan
really does require a destructor (a connection handle to some other database etc.), do not open it in xBestIndex(). Open it in xFilter() and close it in xClose(). Each xFilter() call should be matched by exactly one xClose(). Regards, Dan. ___ sqlite-u

Re: [sqlite] Nested calls to prepare/step/prepare

2008-02-28 Thread Dan
> } > } > > > So my questing is, does sqlite allow a prepare to be started while > a prior prepared statement is still open? Hi, This is supposed to be Ok. If you can supply an example program to demonstrate the crash that would

Re: [sqlite] Multiple databases

2008-03-02 Thread Dan
t databases, even those with the same schema. If the table/index locations are different but the schema cookie is the same, you are risking database corruption. Also, prepared statement structures contain some pointers back to the database handle that was used to create them. Not sure what the implicati

Re: [sqlite] bus error with SQLite 3.5.6

2008-03-02 Thread Dan
if you don't want it made public. Also, the exact sqlite version might be helpful. Alternatively, can you compile with debugging symbols enabled and post a stack trace? Thanks, Dan. On Mar 3, 2008, at 4:33 AM, P Kishor wrote: > I have a fairly simple db with fts3 > > TABLE pages (page_i

Re: [sqlite] SQLite Crashes

2008-03-02 Thread Dan
ed from other parts of SQLite that make no sense to me. This one is particularly odd: b466-001a4bd43e5c Stack overflow possibly? Will keep thinking this. Regards, Dan. ___ sqlite-use

Re: [sqlite] bus error with SQLite 3.5.6

2008-03-03 Thread Dan
On Mar 3, 2008, at 12:03 PM, P Kishor wrote: > Dan, > > > On 3/2/08, Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >> >> Hi, >> >> I tried this script here with the latest CVS version and >> it didn't crash: >> >>CREATE TABLE pages(pag

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3_get_table

2008-03-05 Thread Dan
derstanding that sqlite3_get_table (previously > sqlite_get_table) will malloc for *errmsg and I'll need to do the > free(). Has anything changed? I'm just recompiling old codes with > the new lib. Technically you're supposed to use sqlite3_free(). They might be differ

Re: [sqlite] "sqlite3.h: No such file or directory" error when installing software on Linux

2008-03-10 Thread Dan
On Mar 10, 2008, at 6:44 PM, thomas Armstrong wrote: > Hi. > > I've just installed 'sqlite' (version 2.8.16) and 'sqlite-devel' > (version 2.8.16) from RPMs on my Linux Fedora Core, but I get this > error message when installing a software: Looks like you need to install

Re: [sqlite] Can't get concat operator to work

2008-03-10 Thread Dan
result, does your result string include a nul-terminator character? If so, that byte should not be included in the "number of bytes" parameter passed to result_text(). i.e. if you were doing: sqlite3_result_text(pContext, "abc", 4, ...) you might get the result you are describing.

Re: [sqlite] garbage mail messages

2008-03-11 Thread Dan
On Mar 11, 2008, at 3:02 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: > > > OK Dan, you have the solution. The count was including the > terminating NULL char. Making it not include the NULL char fixed > the problem. > >Another question: For an empty result, should I return

Re: [sqlite] SQLite and (high) concurrency

2008-03-11 Thread Dan
lite3_mprintf("INSERT OR IGNORE INTO ..."... ^ Maybe that's got something to do with it. Knock out the OR IGNORE and see what happens. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Param Binding Problem

2008-03-12 Thread Dan
RE > contents > MATCH '? '",sTempTableRoot.c_str()); Don't put quotes around the ? character. ('? ') is a literal string. You probably want (? || ' ') - an SQL variable with a single space appended to it. Dan. > > nError = sqlite3_prepare_v2(m_pHandle,acQuery,-1,,NULL)

Re: [sqlite] Sorting NULs with Dynamic Typing

2008-03-19 Thread Dan
> How does SQLite handle sorting with a column that contains values > (including zero) and NULs? Are the NULs converted to zero for the > purposes of sorting? A null value is considered less than all other values when sorting.

Re: [sqlite] Regular Expressions and sqlite3_create_function

2008-03-20 Thread Dan
> anyone have > an example using this function (sqlite3_create_function) to override > regexp()? There is one in the ext/icu/icu.c file of the source distribution. Dan. ___ s

Re: [sqlite] endless loop example

2008-03-21 Thread Dan
sodes fe2 > Why does this put SQLite into an endless loop? Why do you figure it is an infinite loop? From the looks of the query it is probably just returning a very large number of rows. Dan. > (I am not using the shell tool, just preparing the statement as is > and

Re: [sqlite] limts change with switch from bit maps to vectors?

2008-04-02 Thread Dan
page tracking? Only the dirty-page tracking. The limits on the number of attached databases and tables in a join are the same as they always were. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Unicode searches

2008-04-07 Thread Dan
library to SQLite using the custom collation sequence interface (and others). With this extension, SQLite uses the upper/lower case tables that are part of unicode. See ext/icu/README in the source distro for details. Dan. > Keith. > >>> Sort order is highly dependent on locale.

Re: [sqlite] default sqlite3 IO methods for VFS

2008-04-07 Thread Dan
te3_io_methods njMethods = { > 1, > njOpen, ... } ; > > } > > > How do I get the address of sqlites default I/O methods? sqlite3_vfs *pDefaultVfs = sqlite_vfs_find(0); Dan. > > Thanks for any suggestions. >

Re: [sqlite] default sqlite3 IO methods for VFS

2008-04-07 Thread Dan
On Apr 8, 2008, at 2:16 AM, Ken wrote: > Dan, > > Doesn't that just return the VFS part ??? I'm looking for the > sqlite3_io_methods part for the default vfs ( or is this really > the sqlite3_file )? Right. Sorry, I didn't read carefully. :) I don't really see why you will

Re: [sqlite] error in sqlite3_extension_init

2008-04-11 Thread Dan
On Apr 12, 2008, at 12:36 AM, dark0s dark0s wrote: > Excuse me for my stupid topic, but I am crazying to find error in > program below. > > My output is: > > bash-3.1# gcc -shared labsinf.c -o > labsinf.c:61: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before '*' token > > The errror is for

Re: [sqlite] How to set memory usage as high as possible -- but not too high?

2008-04-13 Thread Dan
lication is all of the RAM + all of the swap space. Best performance probably comes by using up all of the RAM and never using the swap. Realistically, you should probably just set a large cache_size as in option 1. Does SQLite really run faster with 1GB available than it would with 100MB? Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] SQLite version 3.5.8

2008-04-16 Thread Dan
> > I was not so much concerned between zip vs .tar.gz format, but the > content of the amalgamation. "sqlite-amalgamation-3.5.8.tar.gz" which is the file that allows you do "./configure && make install" to build from the amalgamation is up now. Dan. __

Re: [sqlite] understanding EXPLAIN

2008-04-17 Thread Dan
asier to read. > In any case, would I be better off with a compound index if I modify > my query to > > select wkt_geometry from sg_rivers where xmin >= ? and ymin >= ? and > xmax <= ? and ymax <= ?; No. The B-Tree structures that SQ

Re: [sqlite] TlsAlloc

2008-04-18 Thread Dan
dll > unloading and I traced it back to one of sqlite functions. I modified > (hacked) it for myself to be able to free the slot on request, but it > would be nice if future version addressed this problem. Upgrading will probably clear this problem. As of 3.5, SQLite no long

Re: [sqlite] multiple writers for in-memory datastore

2008-04-19 Thread Dan
on't operate on the same db at the same > time? As of 3.5, sqlite connections are threadsafe by default. With earlier versions, this trick will not work. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] multiple writers for in-memory datastore

2008-04-20 Thread Dan
ts own attached db? > > > in other wordstwo bulk insert operations going on simultaneously > on the same connection but each insert operation going into a > different attached in-memory db. Probably not. Each sqlite3* handle has a single mutex that it uses to serialize operatio

Re: [sqlite] Concerns regarding sqlite on jffs2

2008-05-05 Thread Dan
etical worst performance is terrible. If you are using automatically generated rowids for your table (you are unless you have declared a column as INTEGER PRIMARY KEY) and the indexed timestamps are always increasing (I guess they are, right?) then your overhead w

Re: [sqlite] import files with more than 2GB?

2008-05-06 Thread Dan
ples/unix/index.html > (what would we do without Google !?!) > > Is it possible to include this (or a better equivalent) to the next > version? I hate such hacks where I don't really know what I am doing. You might have some luck if you grab cvs as of last night. Some changes were made t

Re: [sqlite] Actually delete deleted rows from databasefile

2008-05-08 Thread Dan
ring is > still visible in the > database file, the file instead grows. What is the rule for reusing > a deleted block (if it > is so)? I guess it depends on the size of the new records inserted how space is allocated for them. Assuming they are sm

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3_transfer_bindings obsolete?

2008-05-17 Thread Dan
On May 17, 2008, at 2:51 AM, Shawn Wilsher wrote: > And a fun follow-up question. Will sqlite3_transfer_bindings transfer > bindings across connection objects if the two statements are for two > different connections to the same database? No. It will return SQLITE_MISUSE. Dan. &

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3_transfer_bindings obsolete?

2008-05-17 Thread Dan
On May 17, 2008, at 7:59 PM, Shawn Wilsher wrote: > On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 2:39 AM, Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >>> And a fun follow-up question. Will sqlite3_transfer_bindings >>> transfer >>> bindings across connection objects if the two statements a

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3_transfer_bindings obsolete?

2008-05-17 Thread Dan
On May 18, 2008, at 12:01 AM, Shawn Wilsher wrote: > On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >> How are you going to 'clone' the statement objects to pass to >> the second database handle? > Our wrapper around the statement object already stores

Re: [sqlite] ticket 3127 & MJ file creation

2008-05-20 Thread Dan
set on a per-pager basis. I suppose the master journal should be omitted if all of the pagers being committed are in journal_mode=off mode. Dan. > Thanks, > Ken > > > Ken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Ticket 3127 created. > > > > ___

Re: [sqlite] transaction recovery question

2008-06-03 Thread Dan
e flushed through to the file. You probably abandoned the transaction to early for this to happen - so the journal file was in the file-system, but no actual changes had been made to the database file. Try it with a really big transaction and you will see the corruption. Dan. > Greeting

Re: [sqlite] crash4 test fails (3.5.9)

2008-06-04 Thread Dan
caused by the temporary directory not > being > world writable, which explains why superusers were able to "exec" > something but not a regular user. The "gotcha!" is that /tmp is not > necessarily the temporary directory that is used, so people were not > seeing an

Re: [sqlite] What is quicker?

2008-06-04 Thread Dan
uess though. If you really care about performance, it is probably worth testing a few other combinations with "real" data. Please post any results you get! Dan. > -Shane > > > On 6/4/08, Christophe Leske <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > >> >>> You sho

Re: [sqlite] SQlite and C works with "like" but not with "="

2008-06-13 Thread Dan
songs WHERE SongTitle like 'hexion'" > The song title is actually 'Hexion'. By default LIKE is case- insensitive, = is not. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] SQlite and C works with "like" but not with "="

2008-06-14 Thread Dan
'h', 'H' doesn't > work either. > The answer is in the error message. You're missing a collation sequence. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] SQlite and C works with "like" but not with "="

2008-06-15 Thread Dan
On Jun 15, 2008, at 8:55 AM, Daniel White wrote: > Cheers both of you, it seems this problem is indeed > linked with the "no such collation sequence: iunicode" > error as Dan mentioned. > > After some research, I found out that the root of > the problem is unsurmounta

Re: [sqlite] integrity_check: Beating the system

2008-06-16 Thread Dan
rupted. Linear scans of database tables won't touch the indexes, so you won't know for sure. Another option, which is clearly marked as an experimental feature in the source code (interpret that as you will), is "PRAGMA quick_check". This is similar to integrity_check, but not as rigoro

Re: [sqlite] Problem using Attach to insert data from another table

2008-06-17 Thread Dan
> NULL, NULL); > sqlite3_close(pDB); > > After this function runs, the databases are left with the same data > inside > of them so something isn't right. Check the error codes returned by the two sqlite3_exec calls. If one is not SQLITE_OK, examine the string returned by sqlite3

Re: [sqlite] configure syntax error on HP

2008-06-19 Thread Dan
so I can't give you a direct pointer to > them). This causes compile failures on stricter C compilers. I think this problem was fixed by [5207]: Please post a bug report or a message here if there are others that need to be removed. Dan.

Re: [sqlite] configure syntax error on HP

2008-06-20 Thread Dan
tview?tn=3172 > > Good. You might want to consider adding a test for this - my > DBD::SQLite does one, but I'd rather you catch things upstream. How do you test this? Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] configure syntax error on HP

2008-06-22 Thread Dan
On Jun 23, 2008, at 5:42 AM, Jay A. Kreibich wrote: > On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 05:36:32PM -0400, Matt Sergeant scratched > on the wall: >> On Sat, 21 Jun 2008 11:50:31 +0700, Dan wrote: >>>> On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 12:05:56 -0400, D. Richard Hipp wrote: >>>>

Re: [sqlite] Performance on HP

2008-06-23 Thread Dan
, but the results only account > for .39 > seconds Most likely all the time is being spent in IO related system calls - read(), write() and fsync(). Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Erratum

2008-06-24 Thread Dan
On Jun 24, 2008, at 1:55 PM, Richard Klein wrote: > On the page describing the various sqlite3_bind_xxx_yyy() functions: > > > > 3rd paragraph: > > "The index for named parameters can be looked up using the > sqlite3_bind_parameter_name() API if

Re: [sqlite] bug with NULL in NOT IN

2008-06-26 Thread Dan
quot;x NOT IN (NULL, y, z)" this should be equivalent to what SQLite does for: "CASE WHEN x NOT IN (y, z) THEN NULL ELSE 0 END" (assuming x is itself not NULL). Is that correct? Do we also have a similar problem with the regular 'IN' operator? In SQLite at the moment: SQLite version 3.6.0 sqlite> select 1 IN (null, 2, 3), 2 IN (null, 2, 3); 0, 1 Should the leftmost column of the result row should be NULL, not "0"? Since rule (d) above is not true for "1 IN (null, 2, 3)", do we fall through to rule (e) and return NULL? Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] rtree module crashes

2008-06-28 Thread Dan
types not being defined was fixed here: After this fix, you should be Ok with just SQLITE_ENABLE_RTREE and SQLITE_CORE defined. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list http://sqlite.o

Re: [sqlite] SQLite and updating VIEWs

2008-07-02 Thread Dan
and real tables would be better done using a procedural programming language. Either as part of application logic or as a virtual table. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] patch to allow integer rtree keys

2008-07-12 Thread Dan
t;> float operation. What kind of advantages does using int over float have here? With a little work it might be possible to select int or float at runtime. Do other people who know about such things think that this would be a good option to have? Dan. >>> Steve Friedman > &g

Re: [sqlite] IOERR_DIR_FSYNC on main db

2008-07-14 Thread Dan
te(1, 0xF0373B18, 8)= 8 > kfcntl(1, F_GETFL, 0x20002398) = 2 > kread(0, 0xF036FAF0, 4096) = 1 So it looks like Richard is correct - the version of AIX you are using just doesn't support fsync() on directories. Probably the code that does this should just be disabled on AIX (I guess using the _AIX macro). Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] IOERR_DIR_FSYNC on main db

2008-07-14 Thread Dan
On Jul 15, 2008, at 9:00 AM, Roger Binns wrote: > -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- > Hash: SHA1 > > Ken wrote: > >> open("/home/ixion/ix_propagator/data/db/ajax102/batch", O_RDONLY| >> O_LARGEFILE) = 10 >> kfcntl(10, F_GETFD, 0x) = 0 >> kfcntl(10, F_SETFD, 0x0001)

Re: [sqlite] Help with BLOBs

2008-07-16 Thread Dan
s a blob of length 2 bytes. The first byte is 0xAB, the second is 0xCD. If possible, it is easier to use sqlite3_bind_blob() (or whatever the ruby equivalent is) to insert binary data. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] rtree woes with SQLITE_OMMIT_...

2008-07-19 Thread Dan
sqlite build that does not support ALTER TABLE. I suspect the same is true of fts3. It looks like there are a few extra lines of code that could be omitted from the build when SQLITE_OMIT_ALTERTABLE is defined though. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing l

Re: [sqlite] Amount of memory for caching one page with x byte page size?

2008-07-20 Thread Dan
her variables required by each cached page (page number, dirty flag, is-journalled flag, various pointers for linked lists, lots of stuff). The overhead probably isn't quite 512 bytes, but as a rule of thumb this formula works Ok. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] busy_timeout and shared_cache

2008-07-20 Thread Dan
red cache. See section 2 of this: for details on those three types of locks. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] User-defined collation UNIQUE INDEX

2008-07-21 Thread Dan
int blen, const void *b) >> { >> int r = _wcsnicmp((const wchar_t *)a, (const wchar_t *)b, >> (alen < blen) ? alen : blen); Maybe the length is still wrong. The lengths passed to an sqlite collation sequence callback are in bytes. But _wcsnicmp() is probably in cha

Re: [sqlite] Hard time with blobs

2008-07-24 Thread Dan
ith large blobs without creating a copy of the blob in memory. To create a large zeroed blob in the database, use either sqlite3_bind_zeroblob() or the "zeroblob" SQL function. Then populate it using sqlite3_blob_XXX() after it has been inserted. Dan. _

Re: [sqlite] Hard time with blobs

2008-07-25 Thread Dan
trouble if I do: > > Sqlite3_bind_blob(Statement, 1, BlobData, BlobSize, do_nothing); > Delete [] BlobData; > Use SQLITE_TRANSIENT. Dan. > ? > > - Sherief > >> -Original Message- >> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:sqlite-users- >> [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of D

Re: [sqlite] Sqlite Endianness

2008-07-28 Thread Dan
utf-16 encoding for the target platform. Otherwise, your calls to sqlite3_column_text16() will be just a little bit slower. See the docs for "pragma encoding" for details. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list http://sqlite

Re: [sqlite] threads and database lock

2008-07-28 Thread Dan
W thread tries to write in the database and... succeeds > > sqlite3_threadsafe returns 1 and I don't change sqlite config at > runtime. > > Can you explain me why this can happen ? > I am using sqlite v. 3.5.9 Post the tes

Re: [sqlite] threads and database lock

2008-07-28 Thread Dan
On Jul 28, 2008, at 10:58 PM, Sébastien Escudier wrote: > Quoting Dan : >> Post the test program and somebody will tell you. > > ok, you can find my test source here : > > and create test.bdd with : CREATE TABLE test(test INTEGER); &

Re: [sqlite] db vs shell

2008-07-29 Thread Dan
Do things improve any if you increase the temporary cache size? Compile with -DSQLITE_DEFAULT_TEMP_CACHE=100 or something? How much memory does the [sort] process consume in the shell version? What percentage of records are being trimmed by the first [uniq] in the pipeline? Dan. On Jul 29

Re: [sqlite] Manifest Typing performance impact?

2008-08-27 Thread Dan
e site suggests there is an > avilable mode that supports strict typring, this is not infact the > case? Correct. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Error A0A

2008-09-08 Thread Dan
SQLITE_IOERR_DELETE. Indicates a delete operation has failed. Could be something to do with anti-virus software preventing a journal file from being deleted. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] sqlite 3.6.2 tests on Mac OS X

2008-09-08 Thread Dan
testfixture, but since I use almost identical build settings to build > our actual sqlite library, this might hint at potential problems in > our build of sqlite in our application... > > Did anybody successful build and run the sqlite tests on Mac OS X > 10.5.x lately? Those tests are

Re: [sqlite] SQLite test suite - where is it?

2008-09-08 Thread Dan
nly get the test suite if you download the full source tree. This one: Do "make test". You'll need tcl installed to run the test suite. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list http:/

Re: [sqlite] Question about vacuum

2008-09-09 Thread Dan
rds to store new ones? (Would I be better off not doing > vacuum, and letting SQLite reuse the disk space instead?) I believe > this > is the case with PostgreSQL. It will reuse the freed space. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list sqlite-u

Re: [sqlite] bug in the RTree module

2008-09-10 Thread Dan
/rtree/ rtree.c=1.9 Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] infinite looping from sqlite3_close()

2008-09-16 Thread Dan
wer > libsqlite library to avoid this problem? Yes. 3.2.1 is over 3 years old now. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed since then. Odds are that the problem you're experiencing has been fixed, or, if not, you stand a much better chance of getting help with it if using 3.6.2. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Closing database fails due to unfinalized statements

2008-09-16 Thread Dan
ment handle or SQL query to be > used in that statement) is unfinalized ? Use sqlite3_next_stmt() to find unfinalized statements. sqlite3_sql() to determine the SQL used to prepare them. Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list http://sqli

Re: [sqlite] Join criteria referencing case select result in 3.6.2 produces different results from 3.4.2

2008-09-17 Thread Dan
6.2 we get: > |5020.8|3 > 3.6.2 has a bug involving DISTINCT or GROUP BY queries that use expression aliases (AS clauses) in the select-list. Problem is fixed in cvs: Dan. ___ sqlite-users

Re: [sqlite] Mac file locking

2008-09-22 Thread Dan
; So what's the name of this special flag? Probably this: Compilation option "SQLITE_ENABLE_LOCKING_STYLE". Dan. ___ sqlite-users mailing list

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