[freenet-support] New fcptools for local node bypass?

2002-05-25 Thread Phil Marlowe
I saw on the devl list (since vanished from the archives) that the local node bypass feature has been added to Fred. I'd like to use this via fcptools but I don't know how. The sourceforge page didn't give me any clues. Has the support been added yet? Thanks in advance.

[freenet-support] How to get a CHK key of a document w/out inserting?

2002-05-29 Thread Phil Marlowe
I'd like a quick and easy method of deriving the CHK key for a document, other than reading the nodes' response to a successful insert. My reasons are convoluted, but they have to do with an attempt to come up with a utility to insert large sites. Right now fcpputsite is very perfectionist.

[freenet-support] Hey, where's my datastore console???

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Marlowe
Something's listening on the port, but when I try to bring up the page, I get connection broken. This started happening about the time I started running the June 13th freenet.jar. _ Join the worldÂ’s largest e-mail service with

[freenet-support] My fproxy just keeps getting more HOSED

2002-08-01 Thread Phil Marlowe
I'd thought my earlier problem was due to a collsion between two versions of the Java classes, resulting from a software install gone bad. But now I've WIPED my hard drive, re-installed everything, and fproxy actually got worse! Now it won't even bring up the intro page. It hangs the

[freenet-support] Lowering rtMaxNodes seems to have fixed my fproxy.

2002-08-03 Thread Phil Marlowe
Go figure. Must've been running out of thread space and not telling me. I did find a message in the log about running of memory, but nothing to associate that with fproxy. In the future, perhaps we should give servlets extra high priority, or pre-allocated threads or some such. The

Fproxy is gone? (Re: [freenet-support] [NEWBEE] TempDir needs to be SET !)

2002-10-13 Thread Phil Marlowe
Well, this explains some of the problems I'm having with the latest build. See, this is exactly the sort of thing that ought to be put up at the top of the project's main web page as an advisory. From: Greg Wooledge [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: