Re: [Tagging] Proposal for admission=* tag

2020-10-26 Thread Justin Tracey
On 2020-10-24 9:32 a.m., Janko Mihelić wrote: > Here is my proposal on the wiki: > > > In short, we don't have any way to connect places that need a ticket for > entrance, with the place that sells those tickets. Usually those places

Re: [Tagging] Proposal to change key:man_made to key:human_made

2020-10-20 Thread Justin Tracey
On 2020-10-20 12:13 p.m., Matthew Woehlke wrote: > On 19/10/2020 16.01, Justin Tracey wrote: >> It's the same reason we want >> discourse on lists like this one to be friendly and amicable: it should >> be obvious to anyone outside looking in that contributing and &g

Re: [Tagging] Proposal to change key:man_made to key:human_made

2020-10-19 Thread Justin Tracey
On 2020-10-19 4:13 a.m., Shawn K. Quinn wrote: > On 10/14/20 19:54, Robert Delmenico wrote: >> Hi, >> >> I'm proposing that we change the man_made tag to human_made. >> >> I feel it is a discussion that we need to have as there seems to be >> little discussion to date. > [...] > I will vote

Re: [Tagging] new page for tree_lined=*

2020-08-14 Thread Justin Tracey
On 2020-08-14 10:48 a.m., Paul Allen wrote: > > > 3) That, one day, routers might preferentially route along tree-lined > roads > rather than non-tree-lined roads, in the same way they preferentially > route > along lit roads.  Do any route along lit roads?  I can see that a > router which >

Re: [Tagging] food forests / forest gardening

2020-07-30 Thread Justin Tracey
asture in Spain, if I recall > > Since almost any 2 types of agricultural land can be combined, it > might be better to think about a wholistic solution, since as a way to > tag the secondary landuse or secondary vegetation of a certain area. > > - Joseph > > On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 7

Re: [Tagging] food forests / forest gardening

2020-07-30 Thread Justin Tracey
On 2020-07-30 7:40 a.m., Paul Allen wrote: > On Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 12:34, joost schouppe > wrote: > > > Someone tried to map a "food forest" near me. > > > The best I could come up with, given that it described itself as part > orchard, > was landuse=orchard. 

Re: [Tagging] Intermittent highways?

2020-07-14 Thread Justin Tracey
If the festival is held at some date expressible using the opening hours syntax, you could use the "open hours" tag[0] or add conditions to the "access" tags[1]. Though these tend to represent temporary accessibility, not temporary existence the way "intermittent" or "seasonal"[2] do. I'll also

Re: [Tagging] Points vs Polygons

2020-04-19 Thread Justin Tracey
Another major exceptions where mapping as an internal node is better, IME, are notable (historical) buildings that currently house a business. More generally, if the tags of the building and business would conflict (e.g., name), then it makes sense to keep them as separate features. - Justin