Re: [PATCH, libressl] discuss: removal of padding extension?

2014-07-23 Thread Claus Assmann
On Wed, Jul 23, 2014, Ted Unangst wrote: On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:20, Hanno B??ck wrote: Quick background: Some router firmwares from F5 have a bug that they fail if the SSL handshake is between 256 and 511 bytes. Is this the same problem discussed in Message-ID:

Re: openssl's *strlcy

2014-04-18 Thread Claus Assmann
Seems it is ok to use strlcat/strlcpy that way in some cases: $ cat src/usr.sbin/smtpd/*.c | egrep -c ' strlc(at|py)\(' 249

vfprintf.c: use ssize_t for ssizearg

2010-10-16 Thread Claus Assmann
Should the type of ssizearg be ssize_t? Index: vfprintf.c === RCS file: cvs/src/lib/libc/stdio/vfprintf.c,v retrieving revision 1.58 diff -u -r1.58 vfprintf.c --- vfprintf.c 9 Nov 2009 00:18:27 - 1.58 +++ vfprintf.c 17

add Radeon HD 4250 to sys/dev/pci/pcidevs

2011-01-08 Thread Claus Assmann
I tried OpenBSD 4.8 on my new computer (dmesg was sent to dmesg@ before; is also appended below), but several things don't work, including X (I can send the Xorg log if someone is interested), below is an addition of the pci id. Index: pcidevs

Re: [patch]rcs: comment typo

2014-11-29 Thread Claus Assmann
On Sat, Nov 29, 2014, Fritjof Bornebusch wrote: it's NULL not NUL. Not in this case... NULL: is a pointer (usually 0) NUL: is a character ('\0')

Re: panic: ehci_device_clear_toggle: queue active

2014-12-12 Thread Claus Assmann
On Fri, Dec 12, 2014, Abel Abraham Camarillo Ojeda wrote: I think this problem is particular to these machine because I cannot reproduce in my other openbsd Something similar happens on a Dell 6150 laptop (see below). The same (ANT+) USB stick does not trigger a panic on a Dell D830 (running

Re: disklabel template: percentage of disk optional?

2016-10-04 Thread Claus Assmann
On Tue, Oct 04, 2016, Otto Moerbeek wrote: > On Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 04:00:50AM -0700, Claus Assmann wrote: > > This doesn't seem to resolve the problem that sa->rate is > > not initialized, so a simple file like this still triggers > Likely, this is better. > RCS file:

Re: disklabel template: percentage of disk optional?

2016-10-04 Thread Claus Assmann
On Tue, Oct 04, 2016, Dmitrij D. Czarkoff wrote: [please do not Cc me] > I shouldn't have started on sending patches at 3AM. This one should do > what I intended it to do. Sorry for noise. > + else if (t == NULL && sa->minsz != sa->maxsz) > + errx(1, "%s: parse

disklabel template: percentage of disk optional?

2016-10-03 Thread Claus Assmann
While playing around with the autoinstaller and autodisklayout I ran into several problems, some of which I worked around and for one I created a possible patch, but I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do. I have a disklayout template like this: / 500M swap1G /tmp1G-2G /var

typo/cosmetics/consistency: src/distrib/notes/m4.common

2016-10-15 Thread Claus Assmann
Not sure whether this is useful, but here it goes: typo: "chosen" consistency: 'z' instead of 's' (seems to be used in the rest too) cosmetics: space at end of line. Index: m4.common === RCS file:

Re: regarding OpenSSL License change

2017-03-23 Thread Claus Assmann
So did anyone who replied with "NO" get a followup to "reconsider"? I only "contributed" some doc fixes, so my "vote" doesn't really mean much.

uniq: add -i option

2017-12-15 Thread Claus Assmann
I use uniq for some log file analysis and it contained "duplicate" lines which only differ in lower/upper case (user input). Hence I added an -i flag which also exists on FreeBSD at least. Maybe it's useful to add to OpenBSD? Index: uniq.1

Re: uniq: add -i option

2017-12-21 Thread Claus Assmann
On Fri, Dec 15, 2017, Todd C. Miller wrote: > On Fri, 15 Dec 2017 03:41:25 -0800, Claus Assmann wrote: > > I use uniq for some log file analysis and it contained "duplicate" > > lines which only differ in lower/upper case (user input). Hence I > > added an -i fl

Re: uniq: add -i option

2017-12-21 Thread Claus Assmann
On Thu, Dec 21, 2017, Theo Buehler wrote: > I committed a minimally tweaked version of your diff: Thanks for the fixes and the commit, I will try to do better next time.

typos in src/distrib/miniroot/install.sub

2019-01-13 Thread Claus Assmann
This might not be worth mailing here, but maybe someone will look at it anyway. Notes: - I did not reformat the first paragraph after adding the missing 'u' (the diff just shows the typo) -- the line is too long now. - Maybe it should be # Functions used in and their

Re: Change to mailer.conf(5) man page

2018-09-15 Thread Claus Assmann
On Sat, Sep 15, 2018, Matt Schwartz wrote: > reflect that the sendmail binary would be in > /usr/local/libexec/sendmail instead of /usr/libexec/sendmail. In that case you might want to change the comment too (or simply remove it...) > # Execute the "real" sendmail program, named

Re: vacation.1: correct .forward file example

2021-01-21 Thread Claus Assmann
On Thu, Jan 21, 2021, Martin Vahlensieck wrote: > I think the backslash at the beginning of the line is an error. Why? Does it fail when used as described? > -\eeric, "|/usr/bin/vacation -a allman eric" Originally this was to avoid recursion, i.e., \eric will not be expanded again. Maybe that

Re: DANE in libressl?

2021-08-29 Thread Claus Assmann
On Sun, Aug 29, 2021, Peter J. Philipp wrote: > I can stick to just rolling the needed functionality in the syslogd. Maybe you can start with the code from Viktor Dukhovni THIS CODE IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. so it can be freely used. It would be nice to

Re: fortune(6): Veni, vidi, vici

2021-08-23 Thread Claus Assmann
On Mon, Aug 23, 2021, Alessandro De Laurenzis wrote: > and this could be a wordplay joke, AFAICT it is. -- Address is valid for this mailing list only, please do not reply to it direcly, but to the list.