Re: now I think this is a bug

2000-12-11 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Thomas Esser wrote:

 This glibc is a very recent version. So, the rest of your system is
 likely to be very "bleeding edge", too?

 Well, I suspect that we run into some compiler bug here...


Hi again:

This is the same problem I had reported on some time ago. It's probably a
gcc 2.96 bug and simply affects libkpathsea.a (and any binaries dependent
on this). Probably one can bypass it by replacing libkpathsea.a by a
version compiled on a RH 6.2 system (egcs-2.91.66) and "make clean; make"
in the affected directories. For me it worked for xdvi. I don't have the
time or knowledge to investigate this further.

One can get a feeling for gcc 2.96 problems by reading for instance

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Re: dvips/bluesky/bakoma/type1 fonts/frustration

2001-08-03 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Nik Ingle wrote:

 I hope this is a good place for this message, as I saw hints of similar
 problems in the archives.

 I am running tetex-dvips-1.0.7-7.i386.rpm on a RH7 installation

 I am trying to get dvips to use type1 fonts so that ps2pdf generates good
 (scalable) pdf files.  I have been successful with dvips 5.78 on my Suns,
 but am hitting a brick wall with dvips 5.86 on linux.

 1) In theory I can use dvips -Ppdf and the type1 fonts should be used, but
 my pdf output looks lousy.

 2) I download the cm bluesky font stuff from CTAN and make a font map
 file, tell dvips to use it and now all I get in my pdf file is courier
 fonts.  They look good, but they are courier only!

 3) I download the bakoma font stuff from CTAN, make a font map file, tell
 divps to use it and I get an ERROR in encoding error.

 4) I change my font map file to use  instead of  for the bakoma fonts,
 and I no longer get the ERROR in encoding error, but the pdf output is

 Can anyone tell me what is going on?




You need Ghostscript 6.xx or later. There is a Ghostscript 6.50 rpm from
RedHat in one of their RawHide series. Sadly Ghostscript 5.50 is what one
gets from RedHat 7.1 probably to assure a bigger set of printer drivers.

You don't need to patch teTeX as described. If you want to change teTeX
(due to some other reason) probably a better starting point is the teTeX
beta (not available as rpm as far as I know).

Getting a Ghostscript that solves your problem and supports your printer
drivers may be a problem depending on your particular circunstances. There
are Ghostscript rpms (for RedHat 7.x) from the Ghostscript developers that
will install under /usr/local and zap whatever /usr/bin/gs is around. But
then you discover that they were compiled for a small set of printer

There is a known problem with Ghostscript 7.00 with respect to tetex (more
precisely gsftopk). Getting the distribution from CVS at sourceforge or
from Paul Vojta's web page and compiling it solves that.

Ghostscript has a GNU license up to 6.5* and an Aladdin license for 7.* if
that is an issue with you.

Coexistence on the same host of two versions of ghostscript is probably
doable but currently seems to be beyond my time and patience. Compiling GS
7.* with support for the HP ink jet drivers also...

Good luck!

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dvired/hyperref/dvips problem

2000-07-03 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos

[resending due to erroneous subject header]


I am enclosing a trivial example of a problem with the
dvired script (or with dvips, or with hyperref).


Some text.


More text.


Processing this with latex followed by 
dvired -o teste
one obtains the following error

Running `Other' on `teste' with ``dvired -o
This is dvips(k) 5.86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software
' TeX output 2000.07.03:1422' - 
dvips: both landscape and papersize specified:  ignoring
landscape [1] [2] 

Removing a4paper from the options or removing the dvips
option from the hyperref package invocation clears the
problem but prevents creating *.pdf documents in A4 format
and hyperlinks using the dvi - ps - pdf route available if
one uses gs 6.x. If one uses psfrag (which prevents using
pdflatex) I don't know of any free option to obtain such

Software versions:
-- the latest teTeX beta including
   dvips(k) 5.86d
   dvired 0.3
   hyperref v6.69c
João Palhoto Matos
Departamento de Matemática
Instituto Superior Técnico

framed.sty, documentation...

2002-02-06 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos


A few minor (and possibly premature) observations, questions and 
requests about the current tetex beta:

-- I would like to suggest the inclusion of framed.sty by Donald Arseneau 
in teTeX; it's license is ok as far as I can tell and can be found 
together with the scarce but adequate documentation at the beginning of 
framed.sty. I don't know of an alternative to its capabilities (framed and 
shaded backgrounds to text that can continue beyond page breaks) and looks 
like the kind of package which although seldom used may become handy to 
any LaTeX user sooner or later.
-- shouldn't pdfpages be under $TEXMF/tex/pdlatex instead of 
-- is $TEXMF/doc/indexnew.html going to be updated or replaced by 
something different?
-- if $TEXMF/doc/indexnew.html is going to be updated can its link to 
local documentation be somewhere at the top of the page?
-- I have a png antialiased and only slightly larger version of the teTeX 
logo used in indexnew.html; it can be obtained from if Thomas or Keith 
Refson wish to use it.

João Palhoto Matos
Departamento de Matemática
Instituto Superior Técnico
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