Re: How can I instruct dvips to use outline fonts instead of theCM ones?

2003-01-30 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Or if you just want to do it for one file, not as the default for
the full installation, just use the following flag to dvips:
dvips -Ppdf myfile.dvi

or maybe (depending on what fonts you use)

dvips -Ppdf -G0 myfile.dvi


Thomas Esser wrote:

Could anybody tell me how to instruct dvips
to use bluesky fonts instead of the standard
Computer Modern fonts?

The following works with standard teTeX-1.0. I don't know if this is
different in RedHat's version...

  cd `kpsewhich -expand-var='$TEXMFMAIN'`/dvips/config
  vi updmap # or use a different editor
# change type1_default=false - type1_default=true

That's it. updmap is described in TETEXDOC, just
  texdoc TETEXDOC


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Re: new dvips

2002-11-27 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Kalyan Mukherjea wrote:

Hi Dmitri,
   Fromwhere did you download the files? Thomas had sent me the

On that page there are 3 links:
to Thomas's web page (Parent directory)
a dvips*.tar.gz file which contains the necessary run time files;
_dvips_ which is a binary compiled under SuSE linux 7.2.

	I downloaded the tar.gz file --- no hassle. But when I click
on the link _dvips_ my netscape opens a new page which fills up with
nonsense symbols typical of a binary file. I cannot get the binary
file to download as a file. 

 I am sure I am doing something very silly but what should I do?
Maybe Dmitri could send me the url he went to.

Apparently, the web server at that place doesn't realize that the file
is a binary file and sets the incorrect MIME type text/plain.
However, it should be possible to download it if you right click
on the link and choose Save link target as 


Re: A quick question

2002-11-14 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I'm not sure how much the answer below helped.
Bey default, dvips is configured to send the resulting
PS file directly to the printer using the command lpr.
If you want a Postscript file, use 'dvips -o file.dvi'.
If you always want this behaviour, you can run texconfig as root
and change the default dvips output.


Michael Hallgren wrote:


Hi, dear:

I am a fresh in tex, I had a problem with my dvips, when I try to 
run dvips 
it gave me this:

This is dvips(k) 5.86 Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software 
' TeX output 2002.10.04:1658' - |lpr
texc.prosh: lpr:  not found

Means: can't find printer. You're attempting to print or save to file?



Can you tell me what is wrong? Thanks.


	Mats Bengtsson
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Re: inverting ps/pdf

2002-04-24 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 ... or can one
 convert ps to pdf? Xpdf has a pdftops utility but not vice-versa.

Certainly, if you have Ghostscript installed on your computer
you could use the ps2pdf program. If you want it to handle 
vector fonts (Type1 fonts) correctly, make sure you have a
Ghostscript version not older than 6.0.


Re: Avoiding dvi files

2002-03-27 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 To be truthful, I'd not even thought of pdf(la)tex. Yes, this may be a
 reasonable solution...expect that it produces pdf, not ps, files. I'm
 not sure, but I think that to print pdf files to my postscript printer
 they first would need to be converted to ps. I'm really not all that
 Have your sysadmin install something like magicfilter or apsfilter which
 can automagically detect .dvi or .pdf and do the Right Thing(tm) to
 generate postscript output.

On my Debian installation at home, this works excellently 
out of the box. However, for .dvi files it doesn't work for
documents with included graphics since the printer filter runs
dvips in some tmp or spool directory where it doesn't find the
.eps files.


More texdoc requests

2002-03-08 Thread Mats Bengtsson

In addition to the feature requests for texdoc, 
I have one more request. Sometimes you want to 
printout some package documentation on paper. 
I'd like to see a texdoc option that invokes
dvips on .dvi files to generate a postscript
file, either storing it on file or sending it
directly to a printer (or one option for each 
of these two possibilities). Often, you may 
just want to print the first pages with the
manual and the not the last pages with the
annotated source code of the package. This 
can easily be handled by opening a postscript
version of the document in gv/ghostview and 
selecting only the interesting pages. 

In the meantime, I'll have to live with an alias for
dvips `kpsewhich --format='TeX system documentation' packagename.dvi`



Re: Missing characters

2002-02-20 Thread Mats Bengtsson

   I have had better luck using pdftex than using tex and dvips.  
 AFAIK the only drawback is that if you want to include eps graphics, you 
 have to convert them to pdf or png first.

And, you can't use psfrag or pstricks or ...


Re: pdf[la]tex problems with config

2002-02-03 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 Besides, kpsewhich pdftex.cfg yields nothing, while:

Try kpsewhich -progname=pdftex pdftex.cfg.
In my teTeX 1.07 installation, kpsewhich won't find
pdftex.cfg unless you specify the program name.

Use the environment variable KPATHSEA_DEBUG to debug
why pdftex doesn't find the file. Run 
info '(kpathsea)Debugging'
to learn more.


Re: PS viewers.

2001-05-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 Thanks very much for all the feedback I got on PS viewers.
 In fact, only a week ago, I downloaded gv 3..5.8, managed to compile it and 
 it worked fine.  I then had to upgrade my gs5.50 to gs6.50 to handle 
 computer modern type 1 fonts.  Now, gv no longer works.  It gives 
 Postscript interpreter failed on main page.

That's weird. I just tried the same gv 3.5.8 with both
gs5.50 and gs6.50 and it works without any problems. 
Are you sure that you didn't compile in any full paths to 
gs in the gv binary? In State-Ghostscript options ..., 
it should just say Interpreter: gs


Re: forward/inverse search

2001-05-03 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:11:20PM +0200, Joost Kremers wrote:
  hi all, 
  i used to write my documents on win95 with miktex and winedt. miktex
  has the ability to put source specials in the dvi file, and yap
  (miktex's dvi previewer) and winedt are fully equipped to make use of
  this, so that you can perform forward and inverse searches on the
  latex and dvi files.
 I don't understand what you're saying.  You seem to be talking about
 editing, in which case has nothing to do with TeX/LaTeX or teTeX.

The idea is that you could insert \special{...} commands that
makes it possible to click in xdvi which points out the 
corresponding latex code line in emacs, via emacsclient.
This seems to be supported in plain Xdvi version 22.36 or newer
but not in xdvik which is the xdvi version included in teTeX.
I've never used it myself and the only information I've been
able to find is the instructions on how to enable this in 
combination with the music typesetting program Lilypond,
There's probably something in the source code distribution of
xdvi as well.

  i always found this very useful, but i haven't been able to find out
  if teTeX provides the same functionality, and if so, whether i can use
  it from within emacs. so does it? and can i?


Re: biblist obsolete what else to use NonMember

2000-09-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 Hi texies!
 I was just at dante and found out that biblist is obsolete, but
 what else should I use to produce a nice print of my whole database
 without typing millions of times \nocite{mr.x:98}.

Please send general TeX questions to the newsgroup comp.text.tex, 
this list is only intended for teTeX-specific questions.
Anyway, try 


Installation on AFS

2000-09-27 Thread Mats Bengtsson


I'm trying to install teTeX 1.07 on our system
which uses the AFS file system. 
The files seen by the users are mounted on a
read-only volume /usr/local/vol/tetex/1.07
but when I install it, I have to access the
read-write volume 

I remember that the solution was mentioned
on this list some months ago but couldn't
find it in the mailing list archives. 

I've managed to compile it with the correct
read-only paths but when I try to install
make prefix=/afs/blabla//usr/local/vol/tetex/1.07 install strip
it still tries to access the read-only directories 

Thanks in advance


Re: OT:Re: Powerpoint for tetex?

2000-04-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson

 - pstopdf keeps rotating the slides 90°, even if I used 
   dvips slide.dvi -o -t a4paper -t landscape
 before and got normal orientation of the .ps (i.e. normal landscape with
 ghostview, but upside-down with gv).

Based on a search of old news group articles at, 
I implemented the following small script, dvi2pdf which 
with the flag -landscape achieves what you want.
You'll have to install the file somewhere
below $TEXMF/dvips/. This solution does not work for
files with a mixture of portrait and landscape pages, 
I don't know how/if that could be handled.
Note that we run teTeX 0.9, so for teTeX 1.x, you should 
probably replace -Ptype1 with -Ppdf in the script.

Unfortunately the Ghostscript 6.0 distribution includes 
a script dvipdf which will not give Type 1 fonts unless
dvips is configured to always use them. 

Hope this helps


#! /usr/bin/sh
# Convert a DVI file to PDF, using dvips and ps2pdf
# Mats Bengtsson, February 28, 2000

if [ $# -lt 1 -o $# -gt 3 ]; then
echo "Usage: `basename $0` [-landscape] input[.dvi] [output.pdf]"
exit 127


case $1 in
dvipsflag="$dvipsflag -h"
ps2pdfflag="$ps2pdfflag -g8420x5950"
echo "Usage: `basename $0` [-landscape] input[.dvi] [output.pdf]"
exit 127

base=`basename ${infile} .dvi`;

if [ $# -eq 1 ]


trap 'rm -f "$tempfile" /dev/null 21' 0
trap "exit 2" 1 2 3 15

dvips $dvipsflag -Ptype1 -o $tempfile $infile 
ps2pdfwr $ps2pdfflag -dCompatibilityLevel=1.2 -sPAPERSIZE=a4 $tempfile $outfile

# Warn if the PDF file contains bitmapped fonts
if [ `grep -c Type3 $outfile` -gt 0 ]; then
echo "\n\nWarning, PDF file contains bitmapped fonts,"
echo "remove '\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}', in your LaTeX file!\n"
exit 127