Anybody using autofarming feature on Tomcat 5.5 cluster?

2005-10-11 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hey all, Can anyone share any experiences with web application autofarming on the Tomcat 5.5 cluster. Is it reliable? Do you use it for production purposes? How big is the cluster? -- Thank you in advance, Edmon Begoli

RE: [OT] How much RAM can java use

2005-10-07 Thread Edmon Begoli
I asked this same question Cameron Purdy, CEO of Tangosol (maker of a leading Java cache product) this question during the TheServerSide this year. His business is all about optimal use of the allocated heap space, and that His recommendation was to use up to 512 MB of heap space to minimize

How to configure a single JDBC connection via Tomcat's JDBC JNDI configurations for Oracle

2005-09-27 Thread Edmon Begoli
removeAbandonedTimeout=300 / -- Thank you, Edmon Begoli

JMX Method to check JDBC connection acivity?

2005-09-27 Thread Edmon Begoli
something simple as can connect or similar. -- Thank you, Edmon Begoli

Showing maintenance page while app is down

2005-09-01 Thread Edmon Begoli
Tomcat users, Is it possible to have Tomcat show the maintenance page while the App is down or not available. I would like to have this shown while we are upgrading or re-deploying the app. Please advise Thank you, Edmon

Re: mod_jk not detecting loss of a load balanced machine

2005-07-27 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, Is this issue described below familiar to anyone who is really knowledgable of how mod_jk works? Thank you, Edmon Edmon Begoli wrote: We've noticed with two versions of mod_jk we've been using (1.2.5 and one older) that if one of the machines hosting load balanced tomcat gets

mod_jk not detecting loss of a load balanced machine

2005-07-21 Thread Edmon Begoli
We've noticed with two versions of mod_jk we've been using (1.2.5 and one older) that if one of the machines hosting load balanced tomcat gets completely off the network (power loss) mod_jk will seem not to emove that one from the load balanced instances, so the whole site will appear down

Is there another version of Tomcat coming any time soon

2005-07-14 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, I am trying to schedule a production release, so I would like to know if there is another point release of Tomcat coming out (like 5.5.10) within next month and a half. -- Thank you, Edmon Begoli

How to query Tomcat for the number of peers in the cluster without using the JMX

2005-07-08 Thread Edmon Begoli
application. -- Thank you, Edmon Begoli

Re: How to query for number of active participants in the tomcat 5.5 cluster

2005-06-09 Thread Edmon Begoli
detailed, step by step here: Please feel free to comment with any additions or better ways if needed. Thank you, Edmon Edmon Begoli wrote: Hi, Is it possible to query host tomcat for the number

How to query for number of active participants in the tomcat 5.5 cluster

2005-06-07 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, Is it possible to query host tomcat for the number of active participants in the cluster that host tomcat belongs to. If yes - can you please point me to the API, and possibly examples. Thank you, Edmon - To

Re: Question for Tomcat Developers - How to Plug In Encryption for JDBC passwords

2005-02-27 Thread Edmon Begoli
are open to new ideas and suggestions, but with this one, I feel the solution lies in the environment. Please feel free to prove me wrong. And yes it has been done before, for I am far from perfect. Doug - Original Message - From: Edmon Begoli [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Tomcat Users List

Question for Tomcat Developers - How to Plug In Encryption for JDBC passwords

2005-02-26 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, I an using Tomcat 5.5.7, and I am planning on upgrading as needed. As we all know Tomcat enables me to configure JDBC resources that my app can use through the JNDI. My problem is that these passwords have to be stored as a plain text which is a very bitter pill in my environment. What is

Help Needed

2005-02-23 Thread Edmon Begoli
Does anyone has any experience with pre-compiling jstl 1.1 and struts-el enabled jsps on Tomcat 5.5.7. When I follow instructions from the web site and try to compile it in eclipse I get a java.util.Zip... exception complaining it is loading an invalid zip file. This zip file exception may be a

Re: Fwd: JDBC connection - Please help

2005-02-21 Thread Edmon Begoli
Deepak, This '' and null error means that the Tomcat is not finding the JDBC JNDI resource. This is how to fix this on Tomcat 5.5: Make sure that you have a Resource element properly configured in your context.xml that is in $CATALINA_HOME/conf/ directory. Resource name=jdbc/TestDB

Re: log4j in tomcat erroring -- dont know why

2005-02-18 Thread Edmon Begoli
Brian, Are you calling PropertyConfigurator explicitly anywhere in your code? Brian McGovern wrote: Hi. I've got tomcat up and running and have a file in my WEB-INF\classes directory. My servlets and jsps run fine. No errors. Stdout.log shows this on servlet execution and i

Oracle 9i JDBC configuration with Tomcat 5.5.7 - who is right?

2005-02-17 Thread Edmon Begoli
Tomcat authors and users, Need somebody's definitive word on this: I am trying to configure JNDI resource in tomcat 5.5.7 for Oracle 9i (either ojdbc14 or classes12). I have book Professional Tomcat 5 that instructs me to put Resource and ResourceProperties inside the Global context or the

Re: JAVA_OPTS , C:\Tomcat 5.5 ?

2005-02-16 Thread Edmon Begoli
Give few more details, so that I can try your test case. Thank you, Edmon Shakeel Ahmad wrote: Hi, JAVA_OPTS used to work in older Tomcat versions but the JVM Heap settings are not picked by Tomcat 5.5 from JAVA_OPTS. Please guide if anyone knows. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, S H A K E E L

Is there any option for .rar files on Tomcat 5.5.7

2005-02-03 Thread Edmon Begoli
I understand that Tomcat is not a full J2EE app. server, but I would like to know if there are any options to deploy .rar JCA adapters on Tomcat 5.5.7? Thank you, Edmon - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional

Is Web Farming stable with 5.5.7

2005-02-03 Thread Edmon Begoli
Is WebFarming feature fully enabled, and stable for production use n Tomcat 5.5.7. Are there any documents available on it? Thank you, Edmon - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL

Re: Tomcat 5.5 Package installation Administration

2005-01-27 Thread Edmon Begoli
existing user Start up the tomcat Go to http://yourserver:8080/admin Login as e.g admin/admin Regards, Edmon Begoli Susan G. Conger wrote: Hi, I am new to Tomcat. I have it installed using the Tomcat5.5.4.exe. However this doesn't include the Administration

Re: Session replication not working

2005-01-26 Thread Edmon Begoli
Since you are on RedHat you have to do these steps to enable multicast on your machines: assign an IP to a host ifconfig eth0 multicast route add -net netmask dev eth0 Regards, Edmon Simon Whiteside wrote: Hi Filip, are you running iptables firewall? no. The servers are

Re: Using digital signatures to log into admin webapp

2005-01-26 Thread Edmon Begoli
Thank you very much. Since this is a quite an advanced feature I will try this, nicely document it and submit it to tomcat documentation. I am sure someone else will need this as well (in a high security apps). Thanks again, Edmon Begoli Mark Thomas

Re: Apache2.0.52, Tomcat 5.5.4 and jk1.2.8

2005-01-25 Thread Edmon Begoli
Try this: Helped me to got it to work on Linux. Should not be much different on win. Thank you, Edmon Begoli David Short wrote: I got Apache 2.0.52, Tomcat 5.5.4 and Mod_jk 1.2.8 working...thanks! However, Apache

Using digital signatures to log into admin webapp

2005-01-24 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, Is it possible to enable digital certs as a authentication method for the admin app. and if yes - please tell me how. Thank you, Edmon - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL

Re: Suggestion regarding StandardWrapper class

2005-01-23 Thread Edmon Begoli
Willie, You shoud probably send this e-mail to Tomcat developer list as well. Thank you, Edmon Willie Wheeler wrote: Hi all, I have a suggestion regarding the StandardWrapper class in Tomcat 5.5.4. It contains a loadServlet() method that catches Throwable when trying to create the servlet using

Re: Help with JDBC query

2005-01-23 Thread Edmon Begoli
I think you put the ) after the end of sql expression. It is not going to make it into a parsed query. One more suggestion - put these fields one per line - it is going to be too hard to debug them this way - they are all on the same line. Best regards, Edmon Begoli Jack Lauman wrote: I'm

Re: Syntax error on toekn import

2005-01-23 Thread Edmon Begoli
Dolla, It looks like a Java syntax error in your import. BTW, You'll get better help for your jsp coding issues at the Sun's Servlet/JSP mailing list. Thank you, Edmon Dola Woolfe wrote: ...Thanks, but how do I know what file the problem occurs in. It doesn't tell me what it fails to compile.

Re: reload on-the-fly?

2005-01-21 Thread Edmon Begoli
Also keep in mind that Log4J has a JMX API that lets you configure it on the fly from the web, remotely, ... ConfigureAndWatch works well ,but it is more cumbersome on the cluster, and it requires dependency on

Encryption toolkit for locally stored passwords

2005-01-19 Thread Edmon Begoli
Is there a way on Tomcat 5.5.x to store datasource passwords in some encrypted format using some out of the box Tomcat utilities. Thank you, Edmon

mod_jk or mod_proxy

2005-01-19 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, Can someone please tell me which one would you recommend for load balancing of cluster of tomcats from apache2 cluster (incoming traffic to apache2 is https). Thank you, Edmon

Session replication debugging

2005-01-14 Thread Edmon Begoli
Hi, Does anyone know a way to debug/monitor session replication over the multicast. Thank you, Edmon

Multicast IP/port for session replication issue on VMWare Linux cluster

2005-01-13 Thread Edmon Begoli
I am really just getting into the area of session replication via multicast, so I need somebody's help here. I am running a cluster of Tomcats on a virtual Linux RH ES3 cluster on VMWare. (host-only networking, static IPs) My session replication is set with default settings:

Re: servlet help

2005-01-12 Thread Edmon Begoli
Claudia, Are you using mod_jk with Apache and Tomcat? You should be able to configure in Apache's httpd.conf to forward particular url patterns to your Tomcat(s') worker(s). Something like: JkMount /yourapp/* yourworker More details are in mod_jk documentation. I do not think that there is a way