[ovirt-users] Re: Problem with oVirt 4.4

2020-06-15 Thread Роман Черкалин
Interesting, after update to 4.4 and I got same problem. With regards, Roman Cherkalin NPP Mera +7(495)783-71-59 - Исходное сообщение - От: "Yedidyah Bar David" Кому: "minnie du" Копия: "users" Отправленные: Понедельник, 15 Июнь 2020 г 10:42:29 Тема: [ovirt-users] Re: Problem with

[ovirt-users] missing vm in vm portal in statefull pool

2017-12-21 Thread Роман Черкалин
Hi all, On ovirt 4.2 I make two pools 10 and 20 VMs, 1 vm for each user, and when overall number of vm more than 15 or so, on user login and start, VM has assigned but never appears in vm portal, if try to start again this message will be displayed: "START_POOL failed [Cannot attach VM to