Re: [ovirt-users] Archiving huge ovirt_engine_history table

2015-11-26 Thread Yaniv Dary
You can configure the DWH via the conf.d to save less records. See the readme in that folder. Yaniv Dary Technical Product Manager Red Hat Israel Ltd. 34 Jerusalem Road Building A, 4th floor Ra'anana, Israel 4350109 Tel : +972 (9) 7692306 8272306 Email: IRC : ydary On

[ovirt-users] Archiving huge ovirt_engine_history table

2015-10-13 Thread Eric Wong
Hello oVirt guru out there: I notice our oVirt engine postgres db size is growing quite fast for past couple of months. I checked the database size. Found that our ovirt_engine_history is 73GB in size. engine=# \connect ovirt_engine_history You are now connected to database