Re: [ovirt-users] FC LUNs not detected

2017-12-21 Thread Nathanaël Blanchet
Have you choosed  the good datacenter/cluster/host? What you see in the ui is the view from the selected host. You may not have configured the lun to be available on the other ovirt hosts, and you chose one of these wrong hosts. In every ways, you must make this lun available to all nodes of

[ovirt-users] FC LUNs not detected

2017-12-21 Thread Zygmunt Diao
Hi All, >From the oVirt Manager, I am trying to create a new storage domain from Fiber >Channel but I only see the local disks on the host. When I check the storage on the oVirt node itself on the Cockpit user interface, the SAN disk is detected: Model VV Firmware Version3215