Hi All,

>From the oVirt Manager, I am trying to create a new storage domain from Fiber 
>Channel but I only see the local disks on the host.
When I check the storage on the oVirt node itself on the Cockpit user 
interface, the SAN disk is detected:

Model   VV
Firmware Version            3215
Serial Number   1650052
World Wide Name           0x60002ac000000000000000700000c384
Capacity               2 TiB, 2.2 TB, 2199023255552 bytes
Device File           -
Multipathed Devices      /dev/sde /dev/sdg /dev/sdi /dev/sdk /dev/sdm /dev/sdo 
/dev/sdq /dev/sds

Can someone please help with the issue?

oVirt Node 4.1.8
oVirt Engine Version:


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