[SOGo] BTS activities for Wednesday, September 04 2019

2019-09-04 Thread SOGo reporter
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Re: [SOGo] Performance Tuning

2019-09-04 Thread Ludovic Marcotte
Hi, If you've got over 650 EAS users, a PREFORK of 400 will never work. EAS clients will fight to get sogod workers and will leave nothing to the SOGo web interface. Dedicate a SOGo instance to EAS and use a handful of workers for the web interface. See

[SOGo] Performance Tuning

2019-09-04 Thread bdus...@luzerne.edu
  A few months ago we began providing SOGo for our students.   It was summer and the number of students using the server was limited.   I found tuning was needed, especially the prefork value.   I was able to find good values for our installation within a day or two.    We started a new