Re: [SOGo] Cant sync with MAPI/Outlook 2007 - EXCEPTION: IOException, reason: IMAP connection failed

2016-09-21 Thread
Hi Martin,

as a possible workaround, could you create a new user and then export the 
folders from the old profile as a .pst file and then import them into the new 

An after thought was do you need to create any sub folders that exist in the 
existing outlook profile on the sogo IMAP server?


Re: [SOGo] Instant messaging

2016-08-01 Thread

Thanks for the replies.

Generally, I try to avoid using java as a security measure.

@Corrado: JSXC could be interesting but still needs an XMPP server.

@Peter: Thanks - I had found openfire and was thinking of using it in a 
chrooted jail to keep the JRE separate from  the main sogo installation.  I 
have also found Astrachat as a potential cadidate app for Ios/Android access.

Thanks for the suggestions.

[SOGo] Instant messaging

2016-08-01 Thread

Has anyone implemented instant messaging in a sogo environment?  Are ther any 
open source apckages that allow this cross platform - ie iphone, android, web?


[SOGo] Install on Raspberry Pi2

2016-07-12 Thread
I have sogo v2 running on an RPi2 it can be done, but openchange doesn't work 
at the moment.


[SOGo] Custom login page link

2016-04-02 Thread

I am trying to create some links on the SOGo index page (SOGoRootPage.wox) to
a page in the apache root directory (var/www/html) called foo.html.

The first attempt was  - but that produced
SOGo/foo.html and a not found error.

The second attempt was  which worked until the user
logged in.  When the user then clicks the 'Disconnect' menu item to log out,
they are returned to: and not: where they
started from.  The result is the second link now produces
foo.html and a not found error.

Is there a way to link from the SOGoRootPage which would work consistently?