[SOGo] Adding webcal Calendar to SOGo

2019-12-02 Thread "WebMan [Technik]"
Hello, today I tried to subscribe to out Internet Calendar. The Format is: webcal://my.clockodo.com/de/calendar/publicics?key=XX This throws an Error: "Can't subscribe to Web calendar". In the Log file it says: [87]:

AW: [SOGo] Questions about SOGo

2019-11-07 Thread "WebMan [Technik]"
do you use to have this functionality on mobile devices? I guess outlook wont do it; has anyone tried nine, for example? - Alwin Sonnemann Von: Support Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. November 2019 18:44 An: users@sogo.nu; WebMan [Technik] Betreff: Re: [SOGo] Questions about SOGo Hello You can

[SOGo] Questions about SOGo

2019-11-06 Thread "WebMan [Technik]"
Hello, we are currently converting our mailsystem to SOGo. We have a few questions. Maybe someone can answer me if this is possible. In our e-mails, we have tried to create a specific structure: * There is a main mailbox with some aliases (created in SOGo) * The mails sent to this

[SOGo] name parameter must not be nil!

2012-10-01 Thread technik
Hello, http://www.mail-archive.com/users@sogo.nu/msg11507.html Similar problem here, installed SOGo 2.0 on ubuntu and trying to auth against microsoft AD. Database is mysql and tables were created. Log says on startup: ERROR(-[NGBundleManager bundleWithPath:]): could not create bundle for path: