we are currently converting our mailsystem to SOGo. We have a few questions. 
Maybe someone can answer me if this is possible.

In our e-mails, we have tried to create a specific structure:

  *   There is a main mailbox with some aliases (created in SOGo)
  *   The mails sent to this alias are automatically moved to a subfolder in 
the same mailbox

Now it gets difficult:

  *   If one of these mails is answered, the client (for example, Outlook or em 
Client) should automatically select the address to which the mail was sent
     *   The aliases (as sender addresses) could also be sent automatically by 
the server to the client. Then he could make the choice easily.
        *   Is there perhaps a SOGo plugin to do that?
        *   Where can I even see / browse the available SOGo plugins?
     *   It would be okay to create the addresses manually, but the client 
would still have to select them automatically (but unfortunately that does not 
work right now).
        *   Maybe there is an Outlook plugin?
     *   There is this functionality in the webmailer. It just works like we 
want it to.

If that does not work:

  *   Is there a possibility to set a manually added sender address (alias) as 
default? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.
  *   Is it possible to manipulate the sender address on server-side (depending 
on the user and only if the receiver is external)

Thanks in Advance!

Alwin Sonnemann


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