Re: DCEVM and Hotswap agent support

2017-06-22 Thread mashleyttu
I'm evaluating HotSwapAgent as a replacement to JRebel which I've been using. I'm definitely not asking anyone to troubleshoot a DCEVM/HotSwapAgent exception, but I am curious if you have run into this exception. The hot swap code changes seem to work, but every time I save a change this occurs.

Re: Wicket @SpringBean - @Autowired properties not Initialized

2016-07-13 Thread mashleyttu
Okay, scratch this question. It's working. I was just looking at the Eclipse debugger and saw all the @Autowired fields were null. I failed to read this segment of the Javadoc: * A lazy init proxy waits until the first method invocation before it uses the * {@link IProxyTargetLocator} to

Wicket @SpringBean - @Autowired properties not Initialized

2016-07-13 Thread mashleyttu
Hi All, When we include a property on our Page class with the @SpringBean annotation it doesn't seem to initialized the @Autowired properties of the bean when using the GCLib Proxy. If we set wrapInProxy to false as follows, wicket skips the GCLib code and simply pulls the bean using Springs

Re: Wicket 6 Clustering - Component Not Found Exception

2016-02-21 Thread mashleyttu
Hi, We are using Wicket 6.11 in production where we have the clustered servers. It's in memory cache was set to 40 by default. I've verify that setting this to 0 fixes the issue! I apologize if this default has been changed in a later point release of Wicket 6, but you really helped me have a

Re: Wicket 6 Clustering - Component Not Found Exception

2016-02-20 Thread mashleyttu
Hi, This was also very helpful. A little more insight into our application: It is a single page web app and we swap panels via ajax with the following code: myPanel.setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag(true); //Newly constructed panel pnlMain.replaceWith(myPanel); //Replace panel pnlMain = myPanel;

Re: Wicket 6 Clustering - Component Not Found Exception

2016-02-20 Thread mashleyttu
Hi Martin, Thank you for your quick reply. I had to wait for the weekend for further testing. I added the timestamp attribute as you suggested but unfortunately that didn't work. I also upgraded to the latest version of tomcat memcached session manager (I posted on their forum as well), but no

Wicket 6 Clustering - Component Not Found Exception

2016-02-16 Thread mashleyttu
Hi Everyone, Over the weekend we clustered our Wicket 6 application in AWS/Tomcat. Since AWS doesn't support multicasting we used an AWS Load Balancer and the tomcat memcached-session-manager with sticky sessions=false, sessionbackupasync=false and lockingmode=all. We changed our wicket

Wicket Atmosphere Clustering

2015-12-14 Thread mashleyttu
Hello, Has anyone had any luck clustering Wicket Atmosphere? We've setup a Hazelcast broadcaster using this documentation ( )

Re: Atmosphere - Reconnect after Disconnect

2015-06-10 Thread mashleyttu
Always great help out of this group! Invisible iFrame did the trick. caused popup warnings. The easiest solution is usually the best. Thanks again! Matt -- View this message in context:

Atmosphere - Reconnect after Disconnect

2015-06-09 Thread mashleyttu
Hi All, I asked an Atmosphere question a few days ago and have another one. We are adding Atmosphere support to our application, and have added a ResourceRegistrationListener to the EventBus so we can track and push messages to users who request certain files. These files are generated on the

Wicket Atmosphere jQuery noConflict

2015-06-03 Thread mashleyttu
Our application uses jQuery.noConflict changing all references from $ to $j. We are trying to integrate Wicket Atmosphere into our application, however, are running into an issue where it is rendering a $ in an OnDomReadyHeaderItem.forScript. This is of course causing javascript errors. We have

Re: Wicket Atmosphere jQuery noConflict

2015-06-03 Thread mashleyttu
Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar for your quick reply with links to excellent examples. Thanks so much. You wicket folks think of a solutions for everything. Love the architecture! -- View this message in context:

Wicket Can't Find Component Error

2014-05-14 Thread mashleyttu
Hello All, Maybe a couple times a week we get a wicket error stating: Unable to find component with id XZY in . Found with similar names: when a user submits one of our forms (we have lots, it has happened on different ones). We have had a couple user tell us they were sent to our custom

Re: Wicket Components as Class Members

2013-11-12 Thread mashleyttu
Thank you everyone for your replies. -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at

Wicket Components as Class Members

2013-11-08 Thread mashleyttu
Dumb question everyone, I heard somewhere that it is bad to declare variables as final in Wicket because they are treated as class members, and Wicket serializes the page that would increase your session size. Because of this I have not declared any components I add to my page as final (or

Model Binding Issue

2012-09-25 Thread mashleyttu
Hi All, I'm a little stumped here, and would like anyone's input to see what I am doing wrong. I've created a new component that extends FormComponentPanel. It contains a TextField component. When my form is submitted back to the server, my model is not updated. :-( However, when I don't use

AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable Refresh Data Provider

2011-12-03 Thread mashleyttu
Hi, I'm using an AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable and I am trying to update the Data Provider during an Ajax call back. A little more details is I have a TextField with an AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior(onkeyup) behavior attached for filtering results in my AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable. Long