Re: [xwiki-users] Tree view

2009-03-16 Thread mesteves
Exists a template treeview.vm it use a tree of yahoo library. Take a look to this code. And you can see this tree in http://Your_XWiki/bin/view/XWiki/Treeview CASTRO roney CASTRO roney Enviado por: 09/03/2009 12:13 Por favor, responda a XWiki

[xwiki-users] Problem with macro flickr

2009-03-02 Thread mesteves
Hello everybody. I'm trying to display a rss feed from a search result, to make this I use the flickr macro. When I run my code, it throws me the following error: rss: Error processing http://localhost:8081/ExtranetCanada/bin/view/Main/LuceneSearch?xpage=rdftext=product: Invalid XML: Error on

[xwiki-users] hasAccessLevel XWiki 1.7.1

2009-02-09 Thread mesteves
Hello everybody. When I try to read the permission of a document: $xwiki.hasAccessLevel(view, XWiki.Customers, ${doc.getFullName()}) Or $doc.hasAccessLevel(view, XWiki.Customers) The result don't match with the permission assigned to the document. This is an issue? Or exists