Re: [Users] Best practice to resize a WM disk image

2013-01-08 Thread Rocky
Its just a theoretical question as I think the issue will come for us and other users. I think there can be one or more snapshots in the WM over the time. But if that is an issue we can always collapse them I think. If its a base image it should be RAW, right? In this case its on file storage

Re: [Users] Cannot run VM. Low disk space on relevant Storage Domain

2013-01-29 Thread Rocky
Hi, I think you mean Engine-config in oVirt? Just so other people with the same question goes in the right direction here. Thanks anyway, you helped me up on the track. Regards //Ricky On 2013-01-27 15:31, Dafna Ron wrote: you can set the limit of low disk space using rhevm-config