Re: [SOGo] IMAP authentication

2011-12-19 Thread Nicolas - Lileo


If that can help, my users can change their passwords with one tool : 
the change password option in Web interface.
Users authenticate against LDAP and Dovecot too. I just need to give the 
same password for ldap entry and unix account.


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Le 16/12/2011 23:57, a écrit :

I've just installed SOGo, and really like it.  However, I agree that
authenticating against IMAP would be a fantastic feature.  I don't use LDAP,
and all the existing accounts on the system are real users (think /etc/passwd).
  Finding a way of authenticating users against LDAP or a database mean that my
users need to store passwords in multiple places, and use multiple tools to
change them.

I looked over the code a bit to see if I could add it myself, but I'm a
c-coder, and have never worked with Objective C (so I'll probably do something
horribly wrong architecturally).  However, someone with the appropriate
knowledge could probably whip out a new authentication type in short order...

If nobody's up for it, I guess I'll eventually learn Objective C and do it
myself, but I'd really rather not :)



[SOGo] IMAP authentication

2011-12-16 Thread František Kučera

I am using Dovecot+Postfix+SOGo and I have users stored in SQL database.
My SOGo is configured to authenticate users against this SQL database.
But the same job is also done by Dovecot when authenticating user in
IMAP session.
Which means that two SQL queries are done (one by SOGo and one by Dovecot).
Is is possible to configure SOGo to use SQL database only as directory
and for authenticating try logging to IMAP?

It is not only question of efficiency but also functionality – SOGo
supports only few password schemes (plain, md5, sha)
but in Dovecot it is possible to use much more schemes (as salted SHA
etc.) and even using different schemes for different users – then in
database is stored passwords like this:

It is possible to implement additional algorithms/schemes into SOGo, but
it may be double work…
So it would be nice if SOGo can authenticate users against Dovecot's
auth socket (like Postfix does: smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth) or
against IMAP.

František Kučera