Re: Wget timestamp problem in RH6.2

2001-05-01 Thread Edward J. Sabol
The difference in timestamps is due to a bug related to the handling of daylight savings time. It's already been fixed in the current development version of wget in the CVS archive. If you are interested, consult for more info.

Re: wget option for specifying http method get or post to use - is there one?...

2001-06-12 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Dominic Caffey asked: Is there a wget option to specify which http method get or post that wget should use? Wget doesn't support POSTs yet (only GETs). It will soon, I hope. If you search the wget mailing list archive, you'll find a couple patches which implemented POSTs, but they have not

Re: Testing wget with ssl?

2001-06-20 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Marc Stephenson asked: I've built wget 1.7.1 with ssl, but don't really know how to test it. Anybody know an easy way to test that combination? Personally, I just tried to connect to I picked that site because you don't need (as far as I know) a userid or password

Re: minor problem compiling wget-1.7 on Mac OS X / Darwin

2001-07-13 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Eugene Lee wrote: For some reason, Apple's GCC does not like the '' in its assert(). The problem is not with Apple's gcc, nor with the Darwin definition of the assert() macro, it's with cpp-precomp, Apple's C pre-processor that implements support for pre-compiled headers. There are two

Re: Range Request

2001-08-08 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Excerpts from mail: (07-Aug-01) Range Request by Stefan Saroiu I need to retrieve certain ranges of documents. For this, I'm using the following wget flags: wget --header='Range: bytes=100-' ip_address The problem is that wget mistakes this command with a partial download and start

Re: Help compiling Wget on MachTen

2001-08-20 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Compiling wget on a Mac G3, OS 8.6, MachTen 4.1.1. After converting the un-tarred files from Mac to UNIX, and running ./configure, typing make yields the following: Did you use Stuffit Expander or some other Mac program to do your un-tar-ing? If so, that's probably the root of your problem.


2001-08-21 Thread Edward J. Sabol
is there a way to use HTTP POST with wget ?? Unfortunately, no. Wget doesn't support POSTs yet (only GETs). It will someday, I hope. If you search the wget mailing list archive, you'll find a couple source code patches which have implemented the POST capability in wget, but they have not been

Re: wget -k crashes when converting a specific url

2001-08-23 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Nathan J. Yoder wrote: Please fix this soon, ***COMMAND*** wget -k [snip] 02:30:05 (23.54 KB/s) - `panelsIntro.html' saved [3061/3061] Converting panelsIntro.html... zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) Ian Abbott

Re: spanhost and recursive.

2001-08-24 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Anders Rosendal asked: Could you make an option to only fetch from other hosts what is directly referenced from the orig page? Have you tried the --page-requisites (a.k.a. -p) command line option? The info documentation says this: Actually, to download a single page and all its

Re: wget/html-parse.c

2001-09-06 Thread Edward J. Sabol
Denis Ahrens wrote: In line 435 in html-parse.c is a non-escaped doubleqoute (). That's perfectly valid code. I cannot compile this file under MacOSX without escaping this char. That's a bug in cpp-precomp, Apple's C pre-processor that implements support for pre-compiled headers. The way to

Re: convert ? in links?

2001-09-07 Thread Edward J. Sabol
I'd like to use wget to create a static version of my dynamic site... wget -m works great, except that it creates files like this: bestsavers.jsp?id=4cat=7 Can I tell wget to convert those links.. replacing all ? and with _ ? You'll have to modify the source code to wget, I think.

Re: Anyone besides Hrovje have write access to the CVS archive?

2001-09-27 Thread Edward J. Sabol
On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Edward J. Sabol wrote: We've started to accumulate a fair number of patches which fix serious problems in wget 1.7. It would be really nice to apply to them to the CVS archive so that they don't get lost. Daniel Stenberg replied: Based on previous mails on this list

Re: A tricky download

2001-10-12 Thread Edward J. Sabol
many thanks for your wget. I use a win32 port of the 1.7 version ( I have tried to download a German version of the Bible with wget -m and I got only the first chapters of all the books, but to access to other chapters a javascript command