Re: [Wikimedia-l] New Feature from Community Tech: Enhanced Password Reset

2020-05-12 Thread Rehman Abubakr
This is a really useful feature, thank you. I hope would also be considered sometime in the near future. It's not directly related, but related to password security. Tldr, if I use abc123 as my password, I would get my normal admin account. But if I

Re: [Wikimedia-l] 2020 Wikimania Scholarships now open

2020-03-09 Thread Rehman Abubakr
I too have cancelled all personal/work/wiki travel plans. The risks are far too great. A single infection at the conference, depending on who/where, has the potential to cause significant damage to the Movement. I understand the sheer effort that has already been put, but I strongly hope the

[Wikimedia-l] Winners of the international WLE contest

2019-12-02 Thread Rehman Abubakr
(crosspost) Yours truly, Rehman A. From: Wikilovesearth on behalf of Єлизавета Чеховська Sent: 03 December 2019 01:08 To: Subject: [Wikilovesearth] Winners of the international WLE contest Hi! We are happy to reveal

[Wikimedia-l] Conclusion of Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Sri Lanka

2019-08-14 Thread Rehman Abubakr
, to get this successfully completed. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or comments. Yours truly, Rehman Abubakr (Roy)<> Admin (English Wikipedia, Commons), Contributor (Wikidata, Meta), OTRS agent User:Rehman<https://en.wikipedia

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Some goodbye to all

2019-06-20 Thread Rehman Abubakr
very warm heart. Cheer up, and don't cling on darker thoughts. It troubles no one other than the person clinging to it. Goodnight from here. Yours truly, Rehman Abubakr (Roy)<> OTRS agent, Admin (English Wikipedia, Commons), Contributor

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Bounties…

2019-01-24 Thread Rehman Abubakr
could focus on each day. You open a random backlog, and there's an endless ocean of work which if you attend 1 or 1 requests, it doesn't really matter to the contributor itself. More like starting to mop a vast room-less floor. Yours truly, Rehman Abubakr (Roy)<https://en.wikipedia.

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Proposal regarding norms for meeting/deadline announcements

2018-10-15 Thread Rehman Abubakr
Hello Pine, Since we're on the topic of mailing list norms, may I also suggest that we please do not copy the entire mailing list for any one-to-one well wishes as well? Example: "Congrats" messages to various topics like project completed, new affiliate, edit count, or whatsoever. Certain

Re: [Wikimedia-l] How to deal with spam subscription to mailing list

2018-05-11 Thread Rehman Abubakr
Yep, a lot: Yours truly, Rehman From: Wikimedia-l on behalf of Gnangarra Sent:

[Wikimedia-l] All mails going to Spam for Live users?

2017-07-01 Thread Rehman Abubakr
Hi, All emails from Wikimedia-l started to automatically drop into my Spam folder as of a few days ago. I use an "" email address (from Microsoft Outlook). Anyone else facing this? Thanks and regards, User:Rehman

[Wikimedia-l] Unified Wikimania wiki

2016-10-22 Thread Rehman Abubakr
(cross-posting to Wikimania-l and Wikimedia-l) Hi, As earlier discussions on this topic received relatively little response from the community, I'm sending this email to let you know about the new topic posted at, with regards to