Re: [Wikimedia-l] Status of Wikipedia Zero

2018-07-02 Thread
Hi, We are also getting a couple of inquiries at the Facebook page of Wikimedia Portugal. There is no affiliate in Angola, and the Wikipedia facebook page that Lucas Teles mentioned is focused on language rather than region, and has a significant proportion of followers from Angola and

Re: [Wikimedia-l] New board for Wikimedia Portugal

2018-04-19 Thread
> > Dear all, > > On April 15, Wikimedia Portugal held an Extraordinary General Assembly > over IRC, and a new board was elected. > > The new board is composed of: > >- > >Gonçalo Themudo, president >- > >André Barbosa, treasurer >- > >Béria Lima, secretary > > > We also

[Wikimedia-l] Flash fundraiser for Wikimedia Portugal

2018-11-13 Thread
Dear all, As you may know, AffCom and the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to extend the suspension of Wikimedia Portugal, while waiting for legal counsel for our case. This has put our programmatic activities in jeopardy, as we have been barred from applying to funding from WMF while the

[Wikimedia-l] Plea from Wikimedia Portugal

2018-10-09 Thread
The original message was rejected due to a filter rule match, but you can access it here: I am sending it below without the links. Please access the link above for the full version. __ Sorry in advance for the

[Wikimedia-l] Capacity building plan for Wikimedia Portugal

2018-10-01 Thread
Dear members of AffCom, members of Wikimedia Portugal and Wikimedia community, We have now finished writing our capacity building plan, as the final step of the roadmap we agreed upon with AffCom to return the Wikimedia Portugal chapter status back to normal. You can find it published in our

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Plea from Wikimedia Portugal

2018-10-11 Thread
Hi Illario, Apologies, I probably explained myself poorly. I never said that a chapter is a representative of the Wikimedia community, rather I was trying to explain that João’s claimed experience (emphasis on claimed) in management and conflict resolution was a major factor in him being elected

[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Portugal General Assembly

2018-09-03 Thread
Dear all, As part of the roadmap AffCom agreed with us after they decided to suspend some of our benefits within the Wikimedia Foundation programs (

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Suspensions of affiliates

2018-09-26 Thread
>We expect, however, to at least be told that you're planning to ignore our >request. To simply thank us for clarifying it, as you did, while secretly >having no intention of complying with it in the first place is hardly >something one does when negotiating in good faith. Just to clarify this

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Flash fundraiser for Wikimedia Portugal

2018-11-18 Thread
>Olá Gonçalo and Wikimedia Portugal. >Was easier for me, on behalf of WikiDonne User Group, to send a PayPal to >your individual email rather than an international money transfer from my >bank (40% were taxes to be added). >Good look. > >Camelia from WDG Hi Camelia, Thank you! We have now

[Wikimedia-l] Questions about proposed new Chapter agreement for Wikimedia Portugal

2019-01-27 Thread
(sorry for cross-posting, but since this is a time sensitive issue, I would like to get as many comments as possible) Dear all, Last 30 October, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) decided it needed more time to evaluate the case of Wikimedia Portugal, it extended the suspension of Wikimedia

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Questions about proposed new Chapter agreement for Wikimedia Portugal

2019-01-29 Thread
* *Wikimedia Portugal* *Email: * *Website: * <> *Imagine um mundo onde cada ser humano pode partilhar livremente a soma de todo o conhecimento, na sua própria língua.* escreveu no dia segunda, 28/01/20

[Wikimedia-l] Belated update from Wikimedia Portugal

2019-07-31 Thread
Dear all, This message was supposed to be sent sometime ago, but might still be relevant for those that like closure. Wikimedia Portugal has signed a new chapter agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation in January, and this has been ratified by our XII General Assembly in April. In this same

[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Annual Report and elections for Wikimedia Portugal

2020-07-07 Thread
Dear all, Last Sunday, Wikimedia Portugal held an online only General Assembly where we approved last year's activity and financial report (in Portuguese:; English translation will follow). We usually have a physical location where

[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Portugal Annual Report 2020

2021-05-04 Thread
Dear all, Last Thursday, the Board of Directors of Wikimedia Portugal completed and approved our Annual Report for 2020. You can read it, in Portuguese, at our wiki [1]. This report will still need to be approved by our General Assembly that will take place later this month. Thank you, [1] -