Re: [WiX-users] Associating Icons to File Types

2007-11-04 Thread Cryptonomicon
Follow the directions at,, and optionally Links are dead I am afraid

Re: [WiX-users] Launching Default Browser

2007-11-04 Thread Schrieken, Rene
If you are targeting win2k or above, try this: Property Id=BROWSER Value=start / From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Srinivas Tirupati Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 7:28 AM To: Subject: Re:

Re: [WiX-users] Change Add/Remove Programs icon

2007-11-04 Thread Cryptonomicon
Bob Arnson-3 wrote: Mike Dimmick wrote: To add to Bob's terse reply (g) I get a bonus for every byte I save.g try sorting the object code before linking and remove all duplicates -- View this message in context:

[WiX-users] FW[6]:

2007-11-04 Thread Rivera
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Re: [WiX-users] CAQuietExec custom action - launching 64-bit exe

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
David Ward wrote: I'm learning WiX and have been experimenting with a 64-bit install package for Vista64 During the install, I would like to run a 64-bit configuration tool. I can successfully launch the tool with a normal MSI custom action. However, when I try to launch the 64-bit exe

Re: [WiX-users] Re use wxs for x64 Build of the same product

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Stefan Kuhr wrote: I have a soon-to-be-released product whose binaries are all x86. But I slo have a version of the product that is all native x64 binaries, all with the exact same file names as the x86 build. We do not have plans for an immediate release of the x64 version of the product, but

Re: [WiX-users] Heat with self-registration dlls!

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Sajo Jacob wrote: Thanks! that explains the exe's but how about the dlls with this issue? Hard to say without more detail. What's missing/wrong with what Heat generates? -- sig://boB - This

Re: [WiX-users] Several Installed Versions at once - Production - Pre release etc

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Cryptonomicon wrote: I am putting together a package of number crunching code that will be opened sourced and I need to run parallel versions. I envision that users will be running the validated release version and may also be playing with a non validated version (by validation i mean the

Re: [WiX-users] Changing strings in dialog boxes

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Stephen Tunney wrote: I currently have an installer that shows ...will install PRODUCT. I wish it to say ... will install the PRODUCT. Is there a way to override the resource strings? I need to change this in a few places (install cancellation, etc.) If you're using the WixUI

Re: [WiX-users] x64 and ProgramFilesFolder vs. ProgramFiles64Folder

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Geoff Finger wrote: How do you avoid getting the error LGHT0109 : Duplicate symbol 'Directory:INSTALLDIR' found. errors in that case? You can't have two directories with the same id. If you're letting the user pick an install directory, you're going to need two they can pick if you want to

Re: [WiX-users] deferred CAQuietExec

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Adam Root wrote: In WiX 3.0, how do I pass the command line and timeout (QtExecCmdLine and QtExecTimeout respectively) properties to the CAQuietExec custom action when I need it to Execute=deferred? The Quiet Execution Custom Action topic in wix.chm outlines what's required to pass the

Re: [WiX-users] Disk Usage dialog values

2007-11-04 Thread Bob Arnson
Brian Simoneau wrote: Where does the disk usage dialog get the values to put into the table? The selection tree in the custom setup dialog indicates that the install requires 68 MB, but in the disk usage dialog it says that 159 MB are required on the drive. I would expect these values to

Re: [WiX-users] XmlFile From Property

2007-11-04 Thread Rob Mensching
No, the columns for data in XmlFile and XmlConfig should all be Formatted. That means you can use the syntax [PropertyName] to get the value of a Property. The MSI SDK has more info. James Renton wrote: I was looking at using the XmlFile custom action. I wanted to store the values in

Re: [WiX-users] Common virtual directory for multiple products

2007-11-04 Thread Rob Mensching
This behavior is supported today. Right now when a virtual directory is deleted, all of the children are deleted as well. This is a bit different than the Directory behavior in the Windows Installer where child folders remain if they are not explicitly deleted. The only two options that I

[WiX-users] Shorcuts between components

2007-11-04 Thread Dror Cohen
Hi, Is it possible to create a shortcut in one component, that will reference to an executable which is located in another component? We have an executable used by all our applications, but is running with different command line arguments for each component. So I want the executable to be

[WiX-users] Re gistry

2007-11-04 Thread SaiTeja
Hi, Can any one tell me how to write custom actions for setting Registry. Wix Student -- View this message in context: Sent from the wix-users mailing list archive at