Re: [WSG] When is invalid CSS okay?

2007-08-25 Thread Devi Web Development
I think one of the great things about the CSS specifications is that they
specify how to handle errors, when rules should be ignored, etc. As long as
your hacks follow these rules and a perfectly compliant browser would read
it all correctly and ignore any fixes, that's fine. Conditional comments are
better, though, as its quite obvious that a compliant browser should ignore
them. (Don't get me wrong, I like conditional comments) Forget validation if
a fully compliant parser would parse them properly.

PS: Tantek has a great article on this at

Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney
Devi Web Development

On 8/22/07, Rick Lecoat [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 This is probably one of those questions that divides the audience (no,
 it doesn't involve brussel sprouts), but here goes:

 As exponents of web standards, we all know that one of the bedrock
 basics is that our code should validate -- both (x)html and css.
 But we also know that IE(win) is something of a recalcitrant beast and
 must occasionally be spanked into order with some hacks and/or
 conditionally commented stylesheets. And sometimes the workarounds
 required are non-valid CSS.

 So, is it considered 'okay', in a web standards sense, to have a non-
 valid bug-fixes stylesheet working alongside your perfect, pristine,
 uiber-valid main stylesheet?

 To give an example, if I were to have an IE-specific stylesheet with a
 lot of stuff like filter: alpha(opacity=50) in it -- which, a quick
 Google check informs me, does not validate -- would that be seen as a
 breach of web standards?

 Perhaps this whole issue is me getting too focused on the nitty gritty,
 but I'm in the process of moving from 'old-school' to web standards and
 am trying very hard to get it 'right'. This is just one of the goal
 posts that I'd like to clearly identify.


 Rick Lecoat

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[WSG] Height for the select markup in Internet Explorer

2007-08-25 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne

Good day,

Does someone know a solution or a tip to set a height for the select tag in 
form, especially with Internet Explorer ? I've just got the case with a design 
that set an input and a select in the same line, and the select has every 
option in upper case letters.

Thanks for your feedack,



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[WSG] W3C CSS Validation Service

2007-08-25 Thread Joyce Evans
I used to validate my XHTML at one W3C URL, and then there was another URL
where I validated my CSS style sheet(s).  It seems this has been combined so
that I can now validate both my CSS style sheet and my XHTML markup at this
URL:  I'd like to verify that this is
a correct observation on my part.


Also, I used to think I had to validate every single page of a website I
developed (they've all been small websites).  Today, I typed in only the URL
for the website I wanted to validate, and I received the message that no
error was found.  I'd like to verify this as well - that I only need to type
in the website's URL and not each individual page.


Thank you for responding to what are probably elementary questions.




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