Re: [WSG] Accesbility Help

2008-09-04 Thread Aldona
Hey, I saw a funny one once. A site had a really basic math problem. Like 4x2 or something. Type in the answer and you submitted the form. Because it's HTML it's accessible. IceKat. Scott Elcomb wrote: On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:34 AM, kevin erickson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: reCAPTCHA

Re: [WSG] Google chrome...

2008-09-03 Thread Aldona
Christian, No it doesn't come with Google toolbar. I'm not sure if Google Accelerator is built in without the user knowing but it did load the Acid 2 test really fast (and passed it). I did a review if anyone wants to read it. I wondered the same thing about the Google toolbar and am hoping

[WSG] Images Paragraph Width

2008-08-28 Thread Aldona
Hi, I have a problem which I feel like I should know but apparently don't. :-) I have an image which my CSS doesn't know (and will never know) the size of. The image is in a paragraph with the class of 'img'. p class=imgimg src=images/image.gif alt=pic /br /Regular Image/p What I want

Re: [WSG] Encoding odities

2008-07-10 Thread Aldona
I had this exact problem with Notepad++ as well. If you open the file in regular notepad or another editor you can see the charactors which wind up just before the first official characters (usually the doctype). I never found a way around the problem but I can say that PSPad is a great

Re: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-21 Thread Aldona
I've been reading the marking up poems thread with interest but it seems no one has made what seems to be the most obvious suggestion. When I was still in class we had an exercise with a poem and used an unordered list. Would this be a viable option? You could even have a different list for each