Re: [WSG] Accessible websites

2009-07-03 Thread Richard Stephenson
I think this may be the service to which you refer... -- DonkeyMagic: Website design development *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] SPRI accesibility

2009-06-08 Thread Richard Stephenson
I'd have thought the biggest issue with Magento accessibility is it's reliance on JavaScript for the checkout process? It's impossible to order anything without JS enabled. Although I'm not sure that is such an issue with WCAG 2. Anyone else know? Rich Checkpoint 9.5 - Provide keyboard

Re: [WSG] @import rule

2008-08-06 Thread Richard Stephenson
Just working on someone else's website and they are using the @import rule to include their CSS. I usually use the link rel method. I am wondering, is there really any reason not to use @import, be it Accessibility, standards, etc? I don't want to pull in other stylesheets into the one I'm

Re: [WSG] Standards compliant slideshow

2006-03-13 Thread Richard Stephenson
Can anyone please recommend a standards compliant slideshow script that uses a list of images within the HTML markup to dynamically create the show. -- DonkeyMagic: Website design development

Re: [WSG] DOM Scripting

2006-03-02 Thread Richard Stephenson
Hi Darren, what's happening is the form is doing the validation but it's still submitting. In you preparePage() function you need to add an event handler for the form.onsubmit() that returns false unless the form validates. something like function prepareForms() { for (var i=0; i

Re: [WSG] Accessible drop down menu

2006-02-01 Thread Richard Stephenson
One option would be to use Javascript to submit using onchange, then hiding the submit button in a nosript tag for those who don't have jscript turned on. Does anyone have a better idea? Hi Paul, Don't know if its exactly what you are after but i did a little script a while ago that turns a

Re: [WSG] Alternate Navigation

2006-01-31 Thread Richard Stephenson
With the use of the object tag is it possible to include an alternate ul navigation, should FLASH fail? I don't know if you can do that directly with the object tag but you could look at using unobtrusive javascript to add your flash to the page, replacing an existing ul. Have a look at Bobby

Re: [WSG] addEventListener

2006-01-19 Thread Richard Stephenson
Use the onclick event; a.onclick = function() { alert('not going there!');return false; } Its not an issue of standards it's in the javascript not the html. Richard -- DonkeyMagic: Website design development **

Re: [WSG] addEventListener

2006-01-19 Thread Richard Stephenson
Fair enough. Being a bit hast there wasn't i. However the support of the DOM2 Event handlers standards is still incomplete so as far i know and Mozilla apperas to have a bug with the return value. That may be your problem.

[WSG] IE on the MAC is history

2005-12-19 Thread Richard Stephenson
it mean we can stop coding for it now or if not how long do we carry on? Richard Stephenson -- DonkeyMagic: Website design development ** The discussion list for See http

Re: [WSG] Taking things to extremes.

2005-12-06 Thread Richard Stephenson
Separation separation separation! Use the DOM an onload function and some unobtrusive javascript. I'm my experience you will always want to add more javascript. Keep behavour layer separate. Richard DonkeyMagic: Website design development On 12/6/05, Stephen

Re: [WSG] CSS drop down box pushes down following content

2005-12-06 Thread Richard Stephenson
Hi Barry not sure if this would be what you were after but i have just published an article about creating a DOM pagejump menu that works on all modern browsers and degrades back to a list of links if there is no javascript support. Thought it that

Re: [WSG] Browser check Site crit please

2005-11-30 Thread Richard Stephenson
Thanks for the advice. I've never used mailing lists before. I usually just google stuff! but this one seems very helpful. On 11/30/05, Rick Faaberg [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 11/29/05 5:59 AM Richard Stephenson [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent this out: Hi everyone, I just joined this list I like

[WSG] Browser check Site crit please

2005-11-29 Thread Richard Stephenson
to mac browsers and little experince of mac css bugs/filters. Any help/advice/critisism will be greatfully recieved. Thanks, Richard Stephenson -- DonkeyMagic: Website design development ** The discussion list