Re: [Xenomai-core] ksrc/driver refactoring

2006-08-16 Thread Klaas Gadeyne
I just wanted to drop a note that I did some refactoring on the drivers directory (16550A-serial) and the config menus. If anything is broken, shoot me. I don't think this is related, but 2 students of mine got stuck on a linker error this morning trying to compile xenomai-trunk on a i386

[Xenomai-core] [ANNOUNCE] EtherCAT master on top of Xenomai/RTNet

2007-04-05 Thread Klaas Gadeyne
Hi all, At, you can now get an _alpha_ version of a port of the EtherCAT Master Library (EML) to Xenomai/RTNet through SVN The port allows you to create an http://www.ethercat.orgEtherCAT master running on top of

[Xenomai-core] [PATCH] -ETIMEDOUT return value not described in rt_cond_wait API documentation?

2008-05-06 Thread Klaas Gadeyne
Hi, it seems -ETIMEDOUT is not mentioned as a possible return value of rt_cond_wait() in the API docs [1], although it *is* returned in case of the timeout having expired [2]? Attached patch tries to solve this against the 2.4 branch. regards, Klaas ps. This seems to apply to 2.3, 2.4 and