Re: [Zope] Hiding a Zope object from URL accesses

2001-01-24 Thread Ivan Cornell
Dimitris Andrakakis wrote: Gerald Gutierrez wrote: If I have a Z SQL method set up as /query on my Zope site, how is it possible for me to disallow direct accesses to it via a URL (like http://localhost/query) ? If I cannot, then what is the convention people use to store objects which

Re: [Zope] Getting an object from it's id

2001-01-23 Thread Ivan Cornell
Geoff Armstrong wrote: What I'm trying to do here is avoid using dtml-in, since in order for it to put the object in the namespace it has to iterate over all of them (there could be any number). All I have at the beginning is the name of the object in the REQUEST part of the namespace as

Re: [Zope] reindex when a zclass is edited

2001-01-10 Thread Ivan Cornell
Tim Hicks wrote: I can't for the life of me figure out or find anywhere that can tell me how to make the instance get reindexed when it is edited. I'm assuming that it is similar to the process for reindexing when the properties are changed, but I'm just not sure of the details. If it's

Re: [Zope] can't change zclass meta type

2000-12-30 Thread Ivan Cornell
Dieter Maurer wrote: Geoffrey L. Wright writes: I can't seem to completely change a zclass meta type. When I make a change on the "basic" tab of the zclass, my change seems to take, and the new meta type is displayed in the form. But when I try to add an instance of this

Re: [Zope] PopyDA and DBMS Transactions

2000-12-18 Thread Ivan Cornell
Paolo Quaglia wrote: I have two DTML Documents: first DTML: now called D1 dtml-var header ...1st sql statement: select * from customers where name='white' As I understand it, to exclusively lock a table in postgresql, use SELECT FOR UPDATE, eg: ...1st sql statement: select * from

Re: [Zope] multiple selects are not allowed

2000-12-15 Thread Ivan Cornell
Diny, why do you need to execute multiple selects in one SQL-Method? Belief me, you don't want to know ;) I'm building a database application for the drugstore department. Veterinarians can find medicines by searching on animal, ingredients, diseases etc. When they've found one medicine

Re: [Zope] default values in forms

2000-12-13 Thread Ivan Cornell
Olaf Zanger wrote: hi there, i'd like to send default values for an data update with the link to the form like a href="adr_change_frm?f_id=dtml-var idf_name=dtml-var name"c/a unfortunately name may contain spaces. i found out that spaces may be replaced by "+" in the link, but how do

Re: [Zope] namespace-problem

2000-12-12 Thread Ivan Cornell
One (ugly!) way of doing it: dtml-with "manage_addFolder ('Test1')" dtml-let test1Object="_.getitem(Test1')" dtml-with "test1Object.manage_addFolder ('Test2')" /dtml-with /dtml-let /dtml-with This creates Test2 in Test1. Ivan Here some experiments (don't look at the syntax):

Re: [Zope] Why I Love Zope

2000-12-08 Thread Ivan Cornell
If anyone else has similar stories it would be nice to hear them. Well, I've only been using Zope for 6 weeks now, I've already launched one site based totally on it in my spare time: , a site for cruising sailors. Early days for it, but I've already got my father

Re: [Zope] DTML-LET problems

2000-12-08 Thread Ivan Cornell
Mohan Baro wrote: Why doesn't the following code work? How do I achieve the desired functionality? dtml-let the_current_user="dtml-var "AUTHENTICATED_USER.getUserName()"" dtml-var the_current_user /dtml-let Mohan. You can't embed dtml within dtml. Try: dtml-let

Re: [Zope] Cut/copy/paste problems

2000-12-07 Thread Ivan Cornell
Dieter Maurer wrote: Oleg Broytmann writes: Cut/copy/paste problems in Zope behind Apache To help me to resolve the problem I want to ask the helpful community provide me some information. Of those who run Zope behind Apache please tell me: 1) which way do you

Re: [Zope] duplicate column name

2000-12-07 Thread Ivan Cornell
Olaf Zanger wrote: i work with postgreSQL 7.0.2, ZPyGreSQLDA-0-0-3 and zope 2.2.2 on suse 7.0 linux when i try the line - select, from fac, adr You probably need to alias the columns: select as adr_id, as fac_id from fac, adr and then refer to adr_id fac_id

Re: [Zope] Disabling Services

2000-12-06 Thread Ivan Cornell
Chris Withers wrote: When Zope starts up, I see it starts the following: ZServer Medusa (V1.16.4.3) ZServer FTP server ZServer PCGI Server ZServer Monitor Server (V1.8.4.1) Which of those handles WebDAV requests? How do I turn any of the above 'off' permentantly, without hacking

[Zope] Checking for ID's before creating ZClass

2000-11-07 Thread Ivan Cornell
Hello from rainy England, In my constructor for a ZClass I want to auto generate an ID consisting of a name followed by a incrementing sequence (port0, port1, port2...). How do I check for all existing id's in a folder? I tried doing it in a PythonMethod (or whatever they are called now!),