RE: [Zope] Use of lambda expression in DTML - Result!

2000-05-31 Thread Nick Drew
Thanks for helping me solve this one. In the end I did the following: 1) hacked DocumentTemplate/ to include "filter" in the __builtins__ 2) Installed PythonMethods and called pruneTree with parameter 'self' and content return _.filter( lambda x:

RE: [Zope] Use of lambda expression in DTML

2000-05-30 Thread Nick Drew
to functional expressions: Do you object to CSS, XSLT, and XPath? I think I can see why the ZoPerl discussion is so vociferous... ;¬] Cheers, Nick Drew HyperSpace Ltd,Birmingham Research Park, Edgbaston, UK, B15 2SQ (e) [EMAIL PROTECTED] (t) +44 (0)121 414 7019

[Zope] Use of lambda expression in DTML

2000-05-26 Thread Nick Drew
I'm a newbie zopista, and python for that matter... In brief: I get a NameError when invoking "filter(...)" from DTML. I thought this was a built-in python method, so I'm a bit puzzled. In detail: 1) I want to display a dtml-tree of my folder hierarchy, but I want to exclude all Zwiki