[Zope-dev] Catalog performance

2003-09-18 Thread zhimin
John Barratt wrote: If you can't use catalog metadata as Seb suggests (eg. you are actually accessing many attributes, large values, etc.) and if indeeed memory is the problem (which seems likely) then you can ghostify the objects that were ghosts to begin with, and it will save memory

Re: [Zope-dev] AW: [Summary] Caching prob with AHCM and headers

2003-09-18 Thread seb bacon
Fred Yankowski wrote: That makes sense. Is there a way to do that with the CMF 1.4 version of the CPM? One could, I suppose, test the names of the FSDV folders in CPM predicates, but that seems a royal PITA. That's why I'm making do with one-size-fits-all CPM policy for now. Here's how I handle

[Zope-dev] PCGI-Problem

2003-09-18 Thread Andre Schubert
Hi all, i have a little problem. We have several Zope's running in our company. Versions are 2.5.1,2.6.1,2.6.2. All are running on Redhat Linux. All versions have the same problem, if i access them via pcgi and hit the Restart button in the Control Panel then the server goes down. If i do the

[Zope-dev] Zope 2.7 final?

2003-09-18 Thread Andrew Veitch
Just wondering what the latest on Zope 2.7 is, it's been nearly a month since the last release. We're looking forward to it, there's some changes that will help us a lot but we don't want to deploy on a beta. Andrew -- Logical Progression Ltd, 20 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH, UK Tel: +44

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.7 final?

2003-09-18 Thread Chris McDonough
I think it's only been about two weeks, actually. But, yes, it will be some time before 2.7 final is released. I expect another two or three beta cycles before final, so possibly a month or maybe even two. On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 11:13, Andrew Veitch wrote: Just wondering what the latest on Zope

Re: [Zope-dev] AW: [Summary] Caching prob with AHCM and headers

2003-09-18 Thread Fred Yankowski
On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 11:09:57AM +0100, seb bacon wrote: I use squid, which doesn't require last-modified headers. I guess that's not an option for you, or you'd probably already be using it ;-) But in any case, I don't see why Shane's suggestion of uncommenting the last-modified line

Re: [Zope-dev] AW: [Summary] Caching prob with AHCM and headers

2003-09-18 Thread seb bacon
Fred Yankowski wrote: I use Squid as an HTTP accelerator in front of ZServer. What do last-modified headers have to do with this discussion? I thought that was how this thread started. I must have mis-read something. I use a standard HTTP Cache Manager for all our caching needs - I have yet

[Zope-dev] Problems with ZODB and persistence

2003-09-18 Thread Emiliano Marmonti
Hello all Finally could find where and how to add indexes in the actual way (think so). Now I have another problem that have no idea how to fix it. Could add objects into a ZODB separate database, could add the catalog and the index, but when the database has one element, with every operation

Re: [Zope-dev] More Beginner doubts

2003-09-18 Thread Dieter Maurer
Emiliano Marmonti wrote at 2003-9-17 22:51 -0300: Thanks Andrew, I'll try it. Now I'm testing inside Zope and everything looks well, except for: self.cat.addIndex('id','FieldIndex' ) self.cat.addIndex('name' ,'FieldIndex' )