[Zope] Some newbie questions

2000-05-23 Thread Adam Clark
I think what I really need is a reference: What can you do with REQUEST? RESPONSE? AUTHORIZED_USER? It looks like when you say dtml-var "something" it's plain Python. What's the context? What do I need to do to call some function in a product class? What about a function in a class under

[Zope] (newbie) manage_options?

2000-05-24 Thread Adam Clark
I'm making a new product derived from Poll, and I want it to have the standard 'Contents' tab where it displays its subitems in a tree and stuff. The original Poll product (Poll.py) has: manage_options=( {'label':'Properties', 'action':'manage_main'},

[Zope] Perl Zope

2000-05-25 Thread Adam Clark
Hope nobody minds a newbie perspective on this. I spent the last 4 years programming (and unabashedly loving) Perl, and I don't think adding Perl to Zope will attract a lot more people. The large scope of Zope and the similarities between Python and Perl mean that I've spent a whole lot more