[Zope] Unquoting a string.

2000-07-07 Thread Gregory Haley
. These are the names of columns. Zope is blowing chuncks, because the parsed call is actually: SET 'resp1' = last_insert_id(+1) and ZMySQL needs to have the value passed in as SET resp1 = . . . (i.e., without the quotes). Has anyone had a problem with this? TIA. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley

Re: [Zope] Unquoting a string.

2000-07-07 Thread Gregory Haley
the syntax error. : ( Thanks for helping out here. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com Greg, Have you tried using just dtml-var instead of dtml-sqlvar? The sqlvar version I think automatically adds the quotation marks. --Aaron Williamson

Re: [Zope] MySQLDA Won't build

2000-07-10 Thread Gregory Haley
have been having trouble getting any of the various MySQL modules (either for zope or for python) to build on RedHat -- I'm growing increasingly impatient with redhat it seems to be getting more microsoftish with each new release. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com Darin Lee wrote: Help

Re: [Zope] Re: low level HTML in Zope

2000-07-10 Thread Gregory Haley
import a dtml document, and pull up the edited file into zope. When you try to submit the 'change' command, the zope parser will throw out any errors, etc. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com Anser wrote: "Henny van der Linde" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ...Zope forces you often to go

Re: [Zope] trailing whitespace optimization

2000-07-11 Thread Gregory Haley
/opt/zope/Extensions/ called strip_blanks.py. You can attach it to your zope session, then it is called via: dtml-var "strip_blank(varName)[:-1]" This will at least strip all the trailing blanks from an individual variable. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com Paul Abrams wro

Re: [Zope] Aligning Images With Text

2000-07-12 Thread Gregory Haley
Terry Babbey wrote: Here is my code: dtml-if "_[ProgCode + 'PIC']" dtml-var "_[ProgCode + 'PIC']" /dtml-if You might create a dtml variable with a dtml call, e.g., dtml-call "REQUEST.set('image1', _[ProgCode + 'PIC']" Then use your image html tag as img src="dtml-var

[Zope] two problems.

2000-07-20 Thread Gregory Haley
ly sketchy as to how the whole authentication process works, and i have seen many questions posted about this. tia. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross pos

Re: [Zope] FAQ Wiki and What happend @ O'Reilly Conference

2000-07-23 Thread Gregory Haley
would have been really useful. Thanks for your contribution. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley venaca.com Fiona Czuczman wrote: Hi Alan, A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the list regarding setting up a FAQ for zope. It is in the beginning stages - http://zope.faqts.com I've been busy

Re: [Zope] Sendmail examples

2000-10-23 Thread Gregory Haley
steve smith wrote: Anyone have any good, real-world examples using DTML-Sendmail tags? Would especially appreciate examples integrating SQL queries. hi steve. one of the worst things with zope sendmail is that you cannot indent things the way you might with clean coding use. but, you can

Re: [Zope] Mass Mailing (newbie)

2000-10-24 Thread Gregory Haley
hi yvonne, you can use the zope send mail method to pull data from a database. the problem is with pulling in the text. sendmail appears to send only literal text, i.e., it does not parse html markup. we are using a mysql database to pull text and a second to pull names and emails, etc. to

Re: [Zope] PHP-Pages

2000-10-30 Thread Gregory Haley
hi vince, with the exception of xml parsing (i think it's doable though complicated), i don't think php offers anything that zope won't do. i've been writing dtml methods and documents that do everything i once did with php. imho (only). ciao! greg. Hi Zope, I wondered, whether it's

Re: [Zope] Sorting 'in'

2000-11-06 Thread Gregory Haley
hi yvonne, in your zsql method, you can order by several variables in the same method call. so you can do it all in one method. ciao! greg. Gregory Haley Venaca.com Yvonne Totty wrote: Yes, that is what I am doing, however was wanting to not have to write several Z SQL Methods. 8

Re: [Zope] help

2000-11-13 Thread Gregory Haley
Andy McKay wrote: BTW: Im not a Unix guru but I dont think having everythin 777 is the most secure way of maintaining your installation... -- Andy McKay, Developer. ActiveState. Hi Andy, actually, if you are talking about permissions, this setting gives anyone in the world read