Also, in gtk3_interface.c, there is this change for color.alpha

2219 color.alpha = 0; in gtk3_get_color_for_flags()

but it is used in
gtk3_get_color_for_state() where it is not initialized

2268     GdkRGBA color;

On 12/1/2016 1:28 AM, Phil Race wrote:
Hi Goetz,

Using uninitialized value lockInfo.rasBase when calling DBN_GetPixelPointer.

  75     lockInfo.resBase = NULL;

Did you actually compile this ? The variable is called "rasBase", not "resBase".

And strictly there is no problem since inside  DBN_GetPixelPointer
the code calls ops->Lock which should initialise this.
A "rasBase" of 0 isn't really any better than a random one ..

Also I don't see why there's a problem here and not in
the function immediately following since it is the exact same case.


On 11/30/2016 10:00 AM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
cc 2d-dev.

On 30.11.16 18:41, Lindenmaier, Goetz wrote:
Hi Vincent,

thanks for the quit review!
Good catch that I lost the change to p11_mutex.c ... I had to change
it and it fell out of my patches.
I edited the Last Modified Date, and also updated the copyright messages.
New webrev:

Best regards,

(Am I correct that your openJdk name is Vinnie?)

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From: Vincent Ryan []
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To: Lindenmaier, Goetz <>
Subject: Re: RFR(M): 8170525: Fix minor issues in awt coding

Hello Goetz,

Please modify the bug summary to reference ECC too.
Your ECC changes look fine but the ‘Last Modified Date’ line in the 4 source
code headers will need to be updated/added.

BTW p11_mutex.c is listed below but appears to be missing from the webrev.


    On 30 Nov 2016, at 13:12, Lindenmaier, Goetz
< <> > wrote:


I’d like to propose a row of smaller fixes where code is noted down a
bit questionable.
SAP’s quality process requires that we fix these in our internal delivery,
and I
Would like to share my fixes with openJdk. Some of these fixes are of
theoretical nature as how I understand the code paths never allow the problematic situation, but fixing it nevertheless assures that nothing is overseen if the code changes. Most changes are in libawt_xawt, some
    are in libsunec.

    I’d appreciate a review:

    Changes in detail:


One might overrun the 100 byte fixed-size string statusWindow->status
by copying text->string.multi_byte without checking the length.


    This less-than-zero comparison of an unsigned value is never true.

Using uninitialized value color. Field color.alpha is uninitialized.
    E.g. used at gtk3_interface.c:2287.


    Using uninitialized value ret_timeout.
    E.g. in XToolkit.c:6809.


Argument is incompatible with corresponding format string conversion.


    Overflowed or truncated value (or a value computed from an
overflowed or truncated value) (gdk_scale > 0) ? native_scale *
(double)gdk_scale : native_scale used as return value.


    Using uninitialized value k.dp when calling mp_clear.


    You might overrun the 291 byte fixed-size string genenc by copying
curveParams->geny without checking the length.
    Added sanity check before doing the string concatenation.


Using uninitialized value kt.flag when calling *group->point_mul. (The
function pointer resolves to ec_GF2m_pt_mul_mont.)


Using uninitialized value s. Field s.flag is uninitialized when calling
Using uninitialized value tmp. Field tmp.flag is uninitialized when
calling s_mp_exch
    Using uninitialized value t.dp when calling mp_clear.


Using uninitialized value *ckpInitArgs. Field ckpInitArgs->flags is
uninitialized when calling memcpy.


    Using uninitialized value lockInfo.rasBase when calling


You might overrun the 512 byte fixed-size string fontDirPath by copying
DirP->name[index] without checking the length.

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