On Mon, 2018-02-12 at 16:13 -0500, Paul Moore wrote:
> A quick note to let you know that I've just rebased the selinux/next
> branch to v4.16-rc1.  Over the next day or two I'm going to be
> working
> through the backlog of kernel patches, most notably the SCTP work.

I've just rebuilt the SCTP patch set on Fedora using:


I found there were a number of changes required to get the SCTP
specific patches (2/4 and 3/4) to build as there have been many updates
since kernel 4.14.

The 4-16 kernel build passes my SCTP SELinux Testsuite although I also
added the "netlabel: If PF_INET6, check sk_buff ip header version" [1]
patch as well.

It's probably best I post these patches so the SCTP team can finally ok
them (or not). 

[1] https://marc.info/?l=selinux&m=151061619115945&w=2

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