Here is what we follow per the CMS standards:
Lactate greater than (not equal to) 2.0 and up to 4.0 indicates severe 
sepsis--> Lactate of 2.0 or less does not indicate severe sepsis.
Lactate equal to or greater than 4.0 indicates septic shock.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2017 9:38 AM
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Subject: [Sepsis Groups] Evaluation for Severe Sepsis Screening Tool HMH revised

After meeting with HIM and coding yesterday it was brought to my attention that 
the Lab normal range high is 2. Our screening form had only the > 4 mmol/L 
under #3. Criteria for Severe Sepsis. So I went back to the original form the 
actual value is supposed to be >2 . The edited form had the wrong  value of >4. 
So I have made that change on the screening form as indicated. I also, have a 
question out to the Sepsis Groups to understand how other facilities are using 
this measurement. Please make copies for your dept. and make changes to your 
existing forms thanks. Pam
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