On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 3:28:46 AM UTC-8, Robert Aschenbrenner wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to use the 'READ COMMITTED' transaction isolation level as 
> documented here:
> http://sequel.jeremyevans.net/rdoc/files/doc/transactions_rdoc.html#label-Transaction+Isolation+Levels
> The following example runs without an error, but the isolation option is 
> dropped:
> DB.transaction(isolation: :committed) do
>   DB[:users].insert(user_id: 'test')
> end
> Stepping through the code the "isolation: :commited" option appears to be 
> dropped in the transaction_options method:
> https://github.com/jeremyevans/sequel/blob/master/lib/sequel/database/transactions.rb#L274
> The method has a comment saying: "Meant to be overridden", which is not 
> the case.
> I am using the sequel 5.5.0 gem with a mysql 5.6.35 database.
> Am I missing something or is this a bug?
I can't reproduce the issue you are seeing.  It appears to work for me:

$ sequel -E "mysql2://..." -c "DB.transaction(isolation: :committed){puts 
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.574572 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000297s) SET 
@@wait_timeout = 2147483
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.574826 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000086s) SET 
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.575248 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000088s) SET 
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.575391 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000082s) BEGIN
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.575947 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000236s) SELECT 
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.576459 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000111s) SELECT 1 AS 
`v` LIMIT 1
I, [2018-02-09T07:15:54.576675 #18636]  INFO -- : (0.000065s) COMMIT

If it still isn't working for you, can you put together a minimal self 
contained example showing the issue?  Note that the transaction_options 
method is not related to this, the SQL is issued 
in set_transaction_isolation, which doesn't use the hash returned by 


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