Hi Jeremy,

I tried but it's not working

MSSQL raise an error "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'UNPIVOT'".

It is because a "comma", right after the alias "p1" and before the operator 
UNPIVOT, is found in the SQL statement

Please advise. thank you.


On Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 12:25:28 PM UTC-7, Jeremy Evans wrote:
> On Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 10:41:52 AM UTC-7, lkfken wrote:
>> Hi Jeremy,
>> Sorry about that. I misunderstood on what you need.
>> Here is the SQL statement 
>>        dates, 
>>        source 
>>                a_date, 
>>                b_date, 
>>                c_date 
>>         FROM   test 
>>         WHERE  NAME = 'TOM') AS p1 
>>        UNPIVOT ( dates 
>>                FOR source IN (a_date, 
>>                               b_date, 
>>                               c_date) ) AS p2; 
>> so what I want is to have "p1" come from Sequel::Dataset (ie: Test.toms, 
>> Test.joes, etc) instead of hard code it into this SQL statement.
> This should work, and produce the same SQL (modulo identifier quoting):
>  DB.select(:NAME, :dates, :source).
>   from(DB[:test].select(:NAME, :a_date, :b_date, 
> :c_date).where(:name=>'TOM').as(:p1),
>        Sequel.lit("UNPIVOT (dates FOR source IN (a_date, b_date, 
> c_date))").as(:p2))
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

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