On Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 3:53:45 AM UTC-7, Guy Boertje wrote:
> > Do other drivers use driver-specific array types?
> I'm not sure about the driver-specific bit but I imagine that the driver 
> designers will use a Java JDBC array type if the DB technology supports 
> array columns or similar. I'm thinking of the newer breed of DB tech that 
> is not tables, columns and rows for which JDBC APIs are becoming common.
> > Do all of the JDBC drivers that support array columns return an object 
> that will respond to to_ary?
> My understanding is, the driver returns an instance of java.sql.Array, 
> via the `getArray(column)` Jruby will wrap the result in some kind of Ruby 
> compatible proxy. That proxy will translate the `.array` call into 
> `getArray()` and that call will return another JRuby proxy. If that proxy 
> is an instance of `ArrayJavaProxy` then it has a `to_ary` method returning 
> `JavaUtil.convertJavaArrayToRubyWithNesting(context, array)`.
> Without the call to `array` (as the postgres adapter does), AFAICT, 
> `process_result_set` adds the proxy wrapped result of the 
> `getArray(column)`.
> FWIW the activerecord-jdbc-adapter 
> <https://github.com/jruby/activerecord-jdbc-adapter/blob/master/src/java/arjdbc/jdbc/RubyJdbcConnection.java#L2282>
>  uses 
> a arrayToRuby method on all jdbc for at least 7 years with the Postgres 
> specific override removed in 28 Mar 2018 (array handling identical but 
> different because "Method org.postgresql.jdbc4.Jdbc4Array.free() is not yet 
> implemented"). Their approach is interesting as it recursive into the array 
> but their code is in Java/JRuby so they avoid the proxy wrappers.

Thank you for that information, it was very help to provide context.  I've 
tested moving the code from the jdbc/postgresql subadapter to the jdbc 
adapter and it appears to work.  I'll push the changes to GitHub shortly.


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