[ REVIEW #1 ]

Dear Reader:
Dr. Svetozar Radišić, through his pen, in this book, reveals to the public the 
Apotheosis of Thoughts!
Do you know how you brain works?
Do you know how it is manipulated?
By whom?
With what methods?
You might think you do know!
Do you know how you think?
Is your thinking purely yours and independent?
Do you own your thoughts?
What is a though anyway?
Did you ever think you could communicate with the material substance that 
surrounds you?
The more precisely you stare at a “Heisenberg’s particle”, the less precisely 
you can determine its momentum? Why is that?
What is the “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle”? Is it Quantum Mechanics or 
your thoughts’ action upon a “timid” particle who tricks your glimpse?
If you believe you know all these answers, you better read this book!
Because this book will reveal to you some secrets that will “blow your mind”!
And, two thumbs up to the translator, who did a marvelous job translating it 
into perfect English!
You don’t need to listen to Chopin or Mozart: while reading this book, you will 
hear their music through your thoughts!

Hrvoje Latkovic
Kingston, NY USA


[ REVIEW #2 ]


Tesla once said:
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more 
progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

Q: What Tesla had in mind?
To answer this question you need to read this book by Prof Dr Radisic!

It is a very useful book for people (like myself) who are educated in 
"materialistic" physics (classical, quantum physics) & engineering and have no 
idea what the "metaphysics" is, and how it works.

The book is the result of serious study and research of the world's most 
prominent authors specializing in this field.

You will find many ANSWERS to questions and topics that always you wondered 
about, such as:
- How the observer can influence the outcome of the seemingly random physical 
- What is (self)consciousness
- What about (a)ether, matter, mind and mind-over-matter
- What is the magic of changing reality?
- About brain, mind
- What is Universal & Human mind and the connection between the two?
- What are "states of mind": delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma?
- What is ‘’immortal "soul"?
- What is "astral projection"?
- How does coincidence a.k.a "synchronicity" work?
- What is the theory of the "universe super-hologram"?
- How does remote viewing and remote influencing work?
- The connection between human intelligence and dynamic intelligence of nature
- Golden Ratio as the base is of "cosmic harmony" ...
... etc.

These are just a few concepts discussed in this book with the references in the 

This book offers:
- a systematic introduction to concepts we heard about but didn't understand
- over 100 REFERENCES for further scientific research by reader

I warmly recommend this book - and can be read on your Kindle!

I sincerely hope that other books by the same author will be translated into 
English and make them available to wider world audience.

Happy reading and thinking about thoughts,
Toronto, ON, Canadad more › 

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