Hello all,

Following a first email on the topic [1] I would like to call for a
formal vote on Apache James Postage retirement.

[1] https://www.mail-archive.com/server-dev@james.apache.org/msg70576.html

Rationnals: this project...
 - Have no website page (not deployed)
 - Have no README
 - Have no formal release, but a tag named "james-2_20120613" dating
from 2012 which is quite old already...
 - Their exists some alternatives both for JMETER, and Gatling
performance testing tools.
 - Lack of support for recent mail protocols like IMAP and JMAP
 - Hard to scale blocking architecture (from what I understood?)
 - No development activity since 2013.
 - 5 forks in total on github, none of them did extra developments.
 - Relies on 3.0-beta5-SNAPSHOT which is quite old but also unreleased.
Proting postage to a released version would likely be already quite of a
 - Affected by CVE-2021-29425 (commons-io)||
Given the maturity of the project, the presence of alternatives, and the
absence of development, in the absence of mainteners, it could be wise
to consider retiring it.
|Voting rules: - This is a majority vote as stated in [2] for procedural
issues. - The vote starts at Friday 23rd of July 2021, 4pm UTC+7 - The
vote ends at Friday 30th of July 2021, 4pm UTC+7 [2]
https://www.apache.org/foundation/voting.html Following this retirement,
follow up steps are to be taken as described in [3] [3]
https://www.mail-archive.com/server-dev@james.apache.org/msg70585.html | - 1. 
Get a formal vote on server-dev mailing list
 - 2. Place a RETIRED_PROJECT file marker in the git
 - 3. Add a note in the project README
 - 4. Retire the ISSUE trackers (Project names POSTAGE)
 - 5. Announce it on gene...@james.apache.org and announce@apache
 - 6. Add a notice to the Apache website, if present
 - 7. Remove releases from downloads.apache.org
 - 8. Add notices on the Apache release archives (example

Best regards,

Benoit Tellier

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