Benoit Tellier created JAMES-3963:

             Summary: Full text search improvment.
                 Key: JAMES-3963
             Project: James Server
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Benoit Tellier

h3. Searching for phrases


WHEN I search `black cat` TMail currently seach for "back" or "cat"

Thus results are not that relevant.

user experiences is reported as more relevant with a and behaviour

h3. Sorting on mail addresses for an impressive wirte up 
from one of our interns in vietnam.

Here is the TLDR:

The sort is done on the mail address, not on the display from.

Agreed this is not spec compliant:

4.4.2. Sorting
from – This is taken to be either the name property or if null/empty, the email 
property of the first EmailAddress object in the Email’s from property. If 
still none, consider the value to be the empty string.

Given that we don't implement and 
that IMAP SORT extension do not provide details on how to sort From dates I bet 
we are safe to stick to JMAP specification criteria...

h3. MISC

While we are discussing about it, might glitches be found feel free to report 
them here ;-)

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