Hi Matthieu,

I think some people in the community are probably using the Spring version because the official documentation was never really clear about our intentions of potentially deprecating and removing this part.

I'm totally for deprecating and removing that part, and I'm very happy that this is getting addressed, but I think it should start by modifying the documentation where we put clearly that the Spring version is deprecated, planned for removal, and we strongly advice people to not use it as such.

What other features do you have in mind for removal though? I guess jmap-draft is on the table (was addressed in an other mail by Benoit already) but what else?



On 11/24/23 23:30, Matthieu Baechler wrote:

I had a hack session with Benoit today and the sentence "this would break 
Spring" came many times along the day.

As I'm less active on James than I used to be, I must admin I have no idea how 
popular the Spring version of James is nowadays.

However, what strikes me when I hack on James is how the size of the project 
and its legacy makes it so slow to make progress.

We did some deprecation and removal in the past but we have been conservative 
about that.

I would like to argue that being conservative to preserve existing users may 
actually prevents from attracting new ones. Moreover, it probably also prevents 
new developers to involve as they are quickly overwhelmed.

So, what would you think about removing more aggressively features and modules, 
starting with the Spring support?


-- Matthieu Baechler

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