In we have the build that I want to
bless as XS-0.5.2 . I am giving it a quick test -- but it's 11.30pm on
the Friday (nz time) and it's unlikely that I'll test it enough to be
happy to name it the official XS-0.5.2 .  To complicate things, this
weekend and coming week I'll be mostly away from the office for
personal reasons.

Even then -- it seems to be the best XS we had so far :-)

  $ sha1sum OLPC-School-Server-0.5.2-i386.iso
  01498d3ddbe19e26d3b4308c8729b828e455255c  OLPC-School-Server-0.5.2-i386.iso

Once I am happy with it -- for example, because I got nice success
reports from *you* -- we'll declare it official.


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