On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 17:51 +0000, Dev Mohanty wrote:
> You could also use the APs in repeater mode with the same SSID, if you're 
> planning to use more then one AP.
no that is no very handy if want some performance, a repeater eats
bandwidth from the AP.  

Best for performance 
- big antenna's antenna's  (reduces noise from clients)
- channel planning
- ap's in bridging mode (no routing or NAT)

In a classic E.U (U.S.?)
        - a server is in a server room
        - ap is in the class room
        - maybe use PoE (803.af) over your wired network


> Cheers,
> Dev
> On 3/9/09, John Watlington <w...@laptop.org> wrote:
>         Unless your school is very small, using dedicated wireless
>         interface
>         in the server is probably not
>         a good idea.
>         We suggest dedicated access points as schools with more than
>         40 - 50
>         students will need more
>         than one access point, and they are best spread out (i.e. not
>         all the
>         antennas are within three feet
>         of the school server.)
>         There is currently no effort in the XS configuration scripts
>         to
>         recognize and properly configure such
>         an interface.  That doesn't mean it won't "just work", and I'm
>         sure
>         it could be made to work with minimal
>         effort.
>         As Sameer said, let us know what you decide, and what works
>         for you!

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