Here at OLPC AU, we are using Linksys WRT54GLs using DD-WRT and configuring
the routers to act as an AP according to the following instructions. 


I found I could turn the WRT54GL into the required AP mode in 10minutes,
using an XO. 


In our first round of deployments we will be only using WRT54GLs, and after
speaking to Dev, will be working on 1 for every 25. 






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ejabberd nightmare?


Daniel Drake wrote: 

2009/3/9 Bryan Berry  <> <>:

We will have roughly 8+ AP's. We have found that off-the-shelf AP's can
handle around 60-70 users.  But that doesn't still doesn't solve the
problem of the XO's getting bogged down by tons of ejabberd chatter.
DSD: do you have any ideas about this?

Have only had a chance to test numbers on Linksys WRT54Gsomething
routers, which stop accepting new connections after 33 users. yay.

Have you tried loading a different firmware on these, dd-wrt?

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