2009/3/9 Bryan Berry <br...@olenepal.org>:
> We will have roughly 8+ AP's. We have found that off-the-shelf AP's can
> handle around 60-70 users.  But that doesn't still doesn't solve the
> problem of the XO's getting bogged down by tons of ejabberd chatter.
> DSD: do you have any ideas about this?

Have only had a chance to test numbers on Linksys WRT54Gsomething
routers, which stop accepting new connections after 33 users. yay.

I haven't seen XO's bogged down by ejabberd chatter. Ran 75 today
while monitoring the TX/RX stats on the LAN interface on the XS and
was impressed at how low it was.

Yes, the XOs run slow when you view a busy neighborhood view, but it's
fine as soon as you switch away. There was a bug where sugar updates
every icon on the neighborhood view 10 times every second when you are
on that screen (but only when you are on that screen), it's fixed for

> That's great, but our pilot starts in a month but that doesn't fit our
> timeline. I don't want to send out a completely new, untested XS into
> rural parts of Nepal.

I tried and didn't get any feedback from XS usage in large
deployments, so we pretty much figured we'd send it into not-as-rural
paraguay and find out what happens (we don't really have any other

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