Hello Alex,

this seems to be a problem in your DNS configuration.
The most public mail servers (as gmail) do not accept mail from spam senders.
Spam senders will be classified by some common criteria:
- They do not have access to DNS records.
- They do use dynamic IPs

If you would like to send mails to gmail, you may need:
- a static IP address from your ISP provider
You need to:
- have a MX record in DNS for your domain
- your server must identify with the name of the MX record.

From: myn...@mydomain.ru
To: doesnotmat...@gmail.com
If your mail server is "mymailserver.mydomain.ru", with IP

So you need to have a DNS record in your domain "mydomain.ru", like:
- MX mymailserver.mydomain.ru
- A mymailserver.mydomain.ru
Your mail server (james) have to identify itself with the HELO name 

In the HELO command inside the outgoing mailet the james server must identify 
with the name definied in the MX record, using the IP address of this MX host.

- in domainlist.xml: define your domain "mydomain.ru" in the domainlist as 
- in mailetcontainer.xml:
        <mailet match="All" class="RemoteDelivery">

When starting SMTP, the receiving mail server will send a
        HELO mailserver.gmain.com
your James server answers with
        EHLO mymailserver.mydomain.ru
or with
        HELO mymailserver.mydomain.ru
like defined in the "RemoteDelivery" mailet (EHLO or HELO is quit similar, does 
not matter).

Now the receiving mail server (gmail) will check your sending IP address.
He may check (but do not need to), if the HELO name will match the "A" or 
"CNAME" DNS entry for your HELO name. Most servers do not check this.
Now your sending mail server (james) will issue 
        MAIL FROM:<myn...@mydomain.ru>
The receiving mail server (gmail) will now check, if the MX DNS record for 
domain "mydomain.ru" will match your HELO name. If it does not match, you will 
get a 5xx error number.
You will get:
        Error issuing SMTP 'DATA' command: CODE = 550 : MSG = Your HELO string 
is incorrect
Most servers will wait till "DATA" command, so a few steps later after the 
"MAIL FROM" command.

Some (a few) mail servers do not accept mails from IP address lying in the 
"dynamic ip range".
So you could not set up a mail server "at home", if you have a ip address which 
is changing.
My ISP is changing the IP every night, so it is dynamic.
Some Mail providers do know which IPs are from the dynamic range.
But mostly this is not the problem (mostly it is the DNS entry).

Best regards,
Bernd Waibel
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Gesendet: Freitag, 16. September 2016 21:02
An: server-user <server-user@james.apache.org>
Betreff: Messages don't reach external smtp servers

Hi all

I use v3-beta5 version andI have the following problem. I have james server and 
two users on it userA and userB. Messages from userA goest to userB and from 
userB goes to userA without any problems and each user gets its messages. 

However, when I want to send to some external smtp server (for example 
gmail.com and others) I have different problems like
"Error issuing SMTP 'DATA' command: CODE = 550 : MSG = Your HELO string is 
"Error issuing SMTP 'DATA' command: CODE = 550 : MSG = Server is busy, please 
try later".

All are with code 550 but MSG is different. As a result no one message reached 
any external smtp server. In log I see only the exception below.
Please, help me to solve this problem.

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