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The problem is that the build/*/hotspot/variant-server/gensrc/jvmvtifiles/jvmti.h
  is currently generated with the GPL copyright comment.
The JDK version of the header that we ship must havethe GPL + "Classpath" exception. So that the file is taken from the version that is checked into the jdk repository:

Now, the checked-in version of the jvmti.h in the jdk repository is manually updated from the jvmvtifiles/jvmti.h with the copyright comment replacement (very inconvenient).

Replacement of the copyright comment in the jvmvtifiles/jvmti.h was discussed
  Alan and Iris, and they are Ok with the change.

The jvmti.h is generated from the hotspot/src/share/vm/prims/jvmti.xml with the XSL scripts,
  and its copyright comment is inherited from the jvmti.xml.
The fix is to update the XSL scripts to generate the GPL+CP copyright comment. The only part that is still taken from the jvmti.xml is the copyright year line.

There is a separate bug that targets automatic installation of the generated jvmti.h
  and potential removal of the checked-in version from the jdk repository:
      Checked in jvmti.h not in sync with generated jvmti.h

Checked the copyright comment in the generated gensrc/jvmvtifiles.jvmti.h.


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