Thanks Chris!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to join the list, also I do not see this forwarded email in the jdk8u-dev archives:
Probably we're not on the list or something.

Can someone on the jdk8u-dev mailing list forward it there?


On 08-Feb-18 01:44, Chris Plummer wrote:
Hi Egor,

[adding jdk8u-dev, which is where 8u backports are discussed]

I think major.minor changed from 1.8 to 9.0, although I haven't found the code to confirm that yet. I'm assuming this because of the following code:

    public boolean canGetModuleInfo() {
        return versionInfo().jdwpMajor >= 9;

Given that, your changes look correct. I'm not an 8u reviewer. You'll need to get the official ok from someone on the 8u list.



On 2/5/18 7:44 AM, Egor Ushakov wrote:

Hi all,

in IDEA we faced an issue that when debugging java 9 process memory view does not work:

It seems that there's a bug in how VirtualMachineImpl.canGetInstanceInfo checks vm version (it does not pass jdk 9 where minor is 0):
if(versionInfo().jdwpMajor <1||
versionInfo().jdwpMinor <6){
I've found this fixed in jdk 9 inside the fix:
8142968: Module System implementation Summary: Initial integration of JEP 200, JEP 260, JEP 261, and JEP 282 alanb 17-Mar-16 22:04

We've applied the part of the fix into our jdk 8 fork:

It seems reasonable to backport at least this part into openjdk 8? What do you think?
Maybe some other parts deserve backporting as well.
I've attached the patch just in case.
Egor Ushakov
Software Developer
The Drive to Develop

Egor Ushakov
Software Developer
The Drive to Develop

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